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Delahunty fails to check facts

April 18, 2014

Green MP Catherine Delahunty is caught out over a misleading at best statement she made about Bathurst Resources.

This is compounded by what appears to be a somewhat imperfect understanding of the commercial world. Though that might be considered by some to be unsurprising.

Delahunty then proceeds to did the hole she is in deeper by seeking to defend her error and blame it on an informant.

This from one of the Greens MPs most highly rated, by them.

(H/T) Matthew Beveridge)


Weight Loss Update – 45kgs lost

April 18, 2014

Adam’s latest weigh-in yielded a weight loss so far of 45 kgs. In addition his fitness campaign continues. Since the beginning of 2014 he has walked some 500+ kms. In January the pace averaged 12 min 30 seconds. Now in April, Adam averages 11 mins 9 seconds. In addition he distance walked has increased from 122 kms in January to 107 kms this month so far.


An analysis of Labour’s Problems

April 18, 2014

Whilst Adam does not agree with all the sentiments expressed he found this lengthy, but interesting, post at Kiwiblog by a regular commentator there to be of considerable interest.The writer examines why Labour finds itself in such a predicament at the current time.

Given the results in the most recent Roy Morgan poll, see Keeping Stock for a review, the post at Kiwiblog is most timely.

No wonder Mr Cunliffe  looks as if he is ready to take his red flag and retire to his Herne Bay do-up


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Weight Loss – new update – now 43 kg lost

March 23, 2014

Have now lost 43 kgs to date. In addition Adam is walking some 30 + kms per week with improving average times.

This loss equates to 6.77 stone.

At beginning of Jan average walking ce was 12 mins 18 sec per km, last week it was 11 mins 41 sec, a 37 sec improvement in the average. So the trend is good, if Adam can keep up the effort.

The picture shows how much Adam has taken his belt in.

Adam Belt

Around 22 cm so far, still a way to go, but is an indication of what has been achieved.




Significant Election Dates

March 11, 2014

Courtesy of Kiwiblog

  1. Fri 20 June – regulated period begins
  2. Thu 31 July – House rises
  3. Thu 14 August – Parliament dissolved
  4. Wed 20 August – Writ Day
  5. Tue 26 August – Nominations close
  6. Sat 20 September – Election Day
  7. Sat 4 October – Final results declared
  8. Thu 9 October – Return of the Writ
  9. Mon 20 November – latest day for Parliament to meet and a Government effectively to be formed
  10. Mon 9 October 2017 – 51st Parliament dissolves
  11. Sat 18 November 2017 – latest date for next general election

The Campaign is officially underway

March 10, 2014
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John Key announced today that the election will be on 20th September 2014


Weight Loss Update – major milestones reached

March 8, 2014

Adam’s campaign to reduce his weight and improve his fitness continues.

Since he last commented on this around 3 weeks ago he has achieved some major milestones.

1 – He has now lost 40.5 kgs, or 6 stones 5.29 lbs in imperial measurement.

2 – Since beginning of year he has lost 7 kgs, which is a bit over his target of 500gms per week. He attributes this to his walking programme.

3 – Adam has walked 300 kms between 1 January and today. His average pace in week 1 was 12 mins 18 secs per km and this last week this had reduced to 11 mins 46 secs per km. There have been some ups and downs, but the trend has been downwards.

4. Adam’s BMI has come down 11 points, but is still too high.

5. His neck, chest and waist have all substantially decreased in size.

6. His blood pressure is much improved.

7 His joints and muscles feel better.

8. Yesterday he did his best ever time for 6kms plus and today his best ever time for just over 1 km. Boy did it feel good.

Overall he just wishes he had started this earlier.

Best of all Adam feels no sense of loss or deprivation as he continues to eat a wide range of foods and has some red wine or good English cider from time to time.


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