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Cartoon for Today – 26/04/2018


BOB – Daily Telegraph


Richard Thompson – 1000 years of popular music


Nine To Noon: Rod Oram looks at our banks


A timely discussion given revelations in Australia, plus some commentary in NZ

Nine To Noon: Gavin Ellis and RNZ+


Will the much trumpeted RNZ + be a damp squib?

Are expectations being reset?

Has Curran been reined in?

Is this a wake-up call for NZ? UK’s GCHQ warns public ‘absolute protection not possible’ as it briefs on cyber danger!


Daily Telegraph

Britain’s spy agencies cannot offer “absolute protection” against Russian cyber attacks and are instead focused on preventing assaults that would “most impact on our way of life”, in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, GCHQ is warning.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Ciaran Martin, the head of the agency’s cyber defence unit, says it is a matter of “when, not if” Britain faces a “serious cyber attack”.

He added that its focus was now on building “resilience” in “the systems we care about the most”, believed to be Britain’s power and water supplies, internet and transport networks, and health service.

More at the link

Are we doing enough here in NZ, given recent reports?.

Syria – A discussion from The Atlantic on this long running conflict


Oscar’s Song :- 1950 – Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole


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