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Q & A – Mutch and the welfare fraudster – contd

July 23, 2017

From TVNZ web-site, as they do not put this stuff up so you can download.

The Jessica Mutch interview with the most public fraudster, welfare cheat and liar in NZ

Then we have a transcript posted on Scoop

A detailed review of this will appear at a later date.


Trump and the law

July 23, 2017

On various occasions Mr Trump has been reported as saying that as President he is not subject to indictment. This link points up some of the issues. There are others available.

This document from the US National Archives suggests otherwise. It is worth noting that Kenneth Starr was appointed by Clinton’s enemies and therefore he was looking for a basis to attack Clinton.

Part of any mis-match may result from criminal as opposed to civil issues?

Yet it is rather delightful to consider that Trump may well be relying on arguments mounted by Bill Clinton whose family and probity Trump has vilified incessantly.


Sunday Classic Comedy (9)

July 23, 2017

A film from the great Eric Sykes

Comment for Today

July 23, 2017

From a comments thread on a WAPO article on Trump’s ability to grant pardons, perhaps even to himself

Famous presidential quotes:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

John F. Kennedy

“Can I pardon myself?”

Donald J. Trump

Quotation for Today – 23/07/2017

July 23, 2017

Giles Coren at The Times defines, tongue in cheek, but tellingly

University education — Something that could feasibly be kept “free to all” as long as access was restricted to young people intellectually equipped to benefit from it, but which has to be paid for with whopping fees and crippling debt now that any damn fool can go, and usually does.

Cartoon for Today – 23/07/2017

July 23, 2017


Peter Brookes – The Times

Q&A – Mutch interviews welfare cheat

July 23, 2017

On TVNZ’s Q&A the welfare fraudster is being given a platform by TVNZ to make her excuses. Jessica Mutch is currently interviewing self-confessed liar and welfare cheat Turei. The ‘interview’ if you can call the fawning by Mutch an interview is nothing more than Turei telling her own version of events and spinning her fairy-tale. The woman is totally unrepentent and blames the system. She seems to be overlooking other facts that have emerged this week.

Follow up comments on the programme were just as awful. Claire Robinson then set about traducing male MPs and claiming the reaction as been sexist.

More on this later.

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