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Midnight Mystery: Agatha Christie – Poirot – David Suchet – S06E02 – Hickory Dickory Dock – Philip Jackson, Pauline Moran


Watch soon as may disappear

Good cast,




Midnight Mystery: Death In Paradise – S10E03


watch soon as may disappear

Alex McKnight [08] Misery Bay – Audiobook – Chapter 24


The Gaffer – Bill Maynard – S02E01 – Flesh And Blood


Classic Yank TV: Bonanza – S01E30 – Feet of Clay


Duchess of Duke Street – S01E07


Gertrude Lawrence – On The Sunny Side Of The Street


Classic BBC Sitcom: The Good Life S02E02 – Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Paul Eddington, Penelope Keith – The Guru Of Surbiton


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Friday Night Movie: Ginger In The Morning (1974) – Sissy Spacek


Heartbeat – S08E20 – All In The Mind


Classic British TV: Minder with George Cole, Dennis Waterman – S03E06 – Another Bride Another Groom


Desmond’s – S01E06 – Sad News


Classic US TV Comedy: McHales’s Navy – Ernest Borgnine – S01E30 – Camera, Action, Panic


One Foot In The Grave – S05E03 – Rearranging The Dust


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Gresham College: Prof. Richard Harvey – Digital State: #5/6 – Cashless Society


A great lecture by Richard Harvey

About this series – Digital State

Almost every aspect of taxpayer services is being transformed by technology. In this series of lectures we will look at the current state of the art, the future and what it means for our tax bill and the services we expect.

About this lecture

Money may well make world go round but cash is surely an encumbrance we can do without. What does a cashless society look like? What is the technology behind the digital economy and the new forms of currency and money? 

Your bank doubtless provides an app for accessing your account but, in the future will it provide an API so you can write your own payment algorithms?

About Professor Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey is IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology at Gresham College and Professor at the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia.

He also holds several posts in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at University of East Anglia, including Academic Director for Admissions and Academic Director of Internationalisation. Before joining UEA in 1993, Professor Harvey was a mathematician at first Plessey Naval Systems and then Marconi Underwater Systems.

Professor Harvey holds a PhD in the application of statistical estimation theory to the passive synthetic aperture problem. In his early career, he focused on problems in signal processing, acoustics and vibration.

His research now focuses on artificial intelligence and computer vision. Recently he has been working in the field of artificial lip-reading which fascinates him because of the scientific challenge and allows him to debunk false claims and misunderstandings.

He routinely speaks at schools and conferences around the country both on technical topics related to Computer Science but also on matters relating to admissions policy and widening participation.

Professor Harvey has also acted as a consultant for international companies and as Executive and Non-Executive Director for several spin-outs and start-ups.

As the IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology at Gresham College he will be delivering his first lecture series in 2018-19.

New Statesman Podcast: On Your Bike!


October 30 2020

Antisemitism in Labour

Source: 7 Best Podcasts On UK Politics

One of the most annoying things about being busy is I hardly ever feel like I have the time and space to sit down and read (so long as the words aren’t on my phone screen.) There’s so many awesome publications dedicated to news and comment on UK politics and The New Statesman is one of the best. In this podcast, political editor Stephen Bush and Helen Lewis are joined by a whole host of other guests and presenters to get to the bottom of what’s going on. A super easy listen and very chatty in tone, The New Statesman Podcast is the perfect companion to the gym if you want to work out your mind as well as your body.

Coffee House Shots – a Spectator podcast: Is the chance of a Brexit deal diminishing?


A look back at some commentary prior to Johnson’s deal

December 07 2020

About this podcast

Instant political analysis from the Spectator’s top team of writers, including Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman, Katy Balls, Alex Massie and many others.

FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Goodbye To 2020


This Episode – December 28, 2020

This Podcast series

Nate!b1d43 Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking!b1d43the!b1d43issues and “game-changers” every week

The Bulwark with Charlie Sykes: Tim Miller on Trump’s Insane Coup


November 20,2020

On today’s Bulwark Podcast, Charlie Sykes is joined by Tim Miller, they discuss Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell and Trump’s attempt to steal the election.

About this podcast

Charlie Sykes and guests discuss the latest news from inside Washington and around the world. No shouting, grandstanding, or sloganeering. Conservative, conscientious, and civil.

George Melly – There’ll Be Some Changes Made


Superb – as a live performer he was often even better

Face of Britain: #2/3 with Neil Oliver


From 2008

Michael Portillo’s Empire Journey: British East India Company – 1/4


The Hotel Inspector with Alex Polizzi: S19E06 – The Grove Arms


Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: #111 – The Cuban Jewel Matter


Lunchtime Comedy: #26 – Benidorm S04 E04

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Episodes of the award winning ITV comedy.

This Episode

A freak thunderstorm hits Benidorm, leaving most of the apartments in the Solana flooded and wrecked. Meanwhile, emotions run high for Janice when Johnny Neptune, an old flame, appears at the Solana. Gavin and Kenneth are in for a shock from Donald and Jacqueline, whilst Michael is in love.


Benidorm is a British sitcom written and created by Derren Litten and produced by Tiger Aspect for ITV that aired for ten series from 1 February 2007 until 2 May 2018. The series features an ensemble cast of holiday makers and staff at the Solana all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm, Spain over the course of a week each year.

The series first aired on 1 February 2007. Critically acclaimed, Benidorm has received two National Television Awards[1][2] and nominations at the British Comedy Awards[3] and BAFTAs.[4]

On 5 July 2018, series creator and writer Derren Litten confirmed that series 10 would be the last.[5]Benidorm Live, a stage adaption written by Litten, was announced with 250 shows scheduled in theatres across the United Kingdom and Ireland MORE AT LINK

Series 1

Series 1 introduced the main characters, the Garvey family: parents Mick (Steve Pemberton) and Janice (Siobhan Finneran), teenage daughter Chantelle (‘Telle’ – Hannah Hobley) and seven-year-old son Michael (Oliver Stokes). They are on their first holiday abroad, paid for by Janice’s mother – the sun-worshipping, chain-smoking Madge (Sheila Reid), who doesn’t have a kind word for anyone.

Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) and Donald (Kenny Ireland) have been coming to Benidorm for twenty years and are enthusiastic, middle-aged swingers. Kate (Abigail Cruttenden) and Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) are going through a rough patch during their third year of marriage. Within seconds of arriving, they realise that the Solana is the worst place for them to make a fresh start.

Geoff Maltby (Johnny Vegas), who calls himself ‘The Oracle’, has an irritating computer-like knowledge of trivia, he claims to be the Lancashire pub quiz champion, and is prone to fits of competitive behaviour; he has always come on holiday with his mother, Noreen (Elsie Kelly). Gavin (Hugh Sachs) and Troy (Paul Bazely) are on their first holiday together after setting up a successful hair salon. They consider themselves superior to the other guests but are happy enough to get drunk and snigger at them; later in the series, their relationship hits rock bottom when Troy is caught with another series regular.

Also introduced in Series 1 are barman Mateo (Jake Canuso), who flirts with anything that breathes, and Janey (Crissy Rock), the hotel manager and cabaret M.C. at Neptune’s bar. Guest cast members include Ella Kenion as a fake fee-collector who cons the Garveys out of money at the beach – but who is caught when she turns up at Neptune’s; and Niky Wardley, playing Kelly, Mateo’s ex-love

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