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Quotation for Today – Sunday – 25 October

October 25, 2015

From Matthew Hooton’s latest NBR column:

. On Wednesday, it (Labour) confirmed 68-year-old Annette King as deputy leader over 35-year-old Jacinda Ardern, the former Helen Clark staffer who makes Mr Key look like a deep thinker. The fact this was indeed the right decision based on merit underlines how little Mr Key needs to worry about meeting his Justin Trudeau.

Cartoon for Today – Sunday 25 October

October 25, 2015

An Emmerson cartoon from the NZ Herald on 26 August


Political Inanities (1) – Jacinda Ardern – Cuisine

October 24, 2015

DomPost 09102015Now it has long been evident that many politicians, of all stripes, lose touch with reality. Indeed many would suggest that many had no contact with reality at the outset. However, as Jane Austen did not say, it is a well known fact that a politician when asked a question will necessarily give a response, the quality and veracity of which is often highly questionable.

Now a number of commentators, both ‘media’ and bloggers have raised concern that Mr Andrew Little, the present incumbent as Labour Leader, failed to promote Ms Jacinda Ardern to the role of Deputy. Indeed some have traduced Mr Little’s character for not so doing. We are told, constantly by the MSM, how highly Ms Ardern is rated by Auckland business. Frankly a proposition Adam finds very surprising. The wish is perhaps father to the thought.

This morning Adam was browsing one of his good lady’s magazines – Cusine and found a possible reason as to why Ms Ardern was not elevated. It would appear that like many in politics, especially on the left, that Ms Ardern has only a passing acquaintance with arithmetic. Similarly to many teachers who seem to have an extremely limited grasp of the English language.

This inanity, reproduced below, was the response to a feature in Cuisine, November 2015 issue, where ‘celebrities’ are questioned on a variety of matters:-


Now on no rational construct is it possible that Ms Ardern did what she claims to have done.Clearly that nice Mr Little recognises that a Deputy with such a flimsy grasp on numeracy will not help his cause.

Quotation for Today – Saturday, October 17 2015

October 17, 2015

“America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between.”

Oscar Wilde

Quotation for Today – Thursday 15 October 2015

October 15, 2015

Patrick Gower writes:-

The Labour Party is swallowing a dead rat, and not just any old dead rat.

Labour is swallowing an enormous, filthy, stinking, rotten, maggot-infested dead rat called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Labour’s 32 MPs looked deflated and rattled in Parliament’s question time today. It was like 32 individual TPP rats were served up as a ghastly afternoon feed.

Labour looked as if it had nowhere to go when attacking the TPP the Government had agreed to.

Labour seemed to be flailing about, its questions effectively patsies that allowed Prime Minister John Key and company extol the virtues of the trade deal.

The lowest point for Labour was the inevitable and humiliating recital by Key of Helen Clark’s public statement that it was “unthinkable” for New Zealand to be left out of the TPP.

It was always going to come, but it looked like it really hurt the Labourites. Their hero, Clark, was in support of TPP – her words thrown back at them as a disgusting garnish on their dead rat feed.

It is looking like the TPP was nowhere near as bad as Labour made it out to be.

Cartoon for Today – Monday 12 October 2015

October 12, 2015


From UK Daily Telegraph

Phil Goff commences campaign to become Auckland Mayor

October 12, 2015

Yesterday Phil Goff’s SST reply to Judith Collins column seemed to Adam to be an opening shot in Goff’s campaign to replace Len Brown as Mayor of Auckland, viz:-



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