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John Rogers: The Other East End – Pudding Mill & Bow


Uploaded on Jul 13, 2020

Interesting videos about London, and elsewhere, from London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city

His blog The Lost Byway

A walk from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park near the London Stadium past the East Bank development to Pudding Mill Lane. We cross the St. Thomas Creek of the Bow Back Rivers. From here we come to the Bow Flyover the and River Lea – one of the historic borderland areas of London. There’s an interesting historic building at 223 Bow Road which turned out to be a 17th Century listed building – more info here:… We then go through Bow Arts Alley to Grove Hall Park, once a Victorian private Asylum that features in Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby. The walk then goes back past Bow Church and along Bow High Street to St. Leonard’s Priory. From here we go down St. Leonard’s Street to Bruce Road and to Kingsley Hall in Powis Road. Kingsley Hall is where Mahatma Gandhi stayed when visiting Britain in 1931. He would take morning walks along the Sewerbank to Stratford and through Plaistow and West Ham. Following the A12 Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road we find Bromley Hall, an early Tudor Manor House built in around 1485 and believed to be the oldest brick house in London.

Agatha Raisin and The Witches Tree by M.C.Beaton – Audiobook – Read by Penelope Keith


Midnight Mystery: Inspector Alleyn – Ngaio Marsh – #2 – The Nursing Home Murder – Patrick Malahide,William Simons, Belinda Lang


Sunday Night Movie: Sergeant Rutledge (1960) – Western directed by John Ford – Woody Strode, Jeffrey Hunter, Constance Towers


“In 1866, new fighting units are formed within the U.S. Cavalry: the courageous 9th and 10th regiments. Plains Indians call them Buffalo Soldiers because of the bison coats they wore in winter. History, judging from the regiments’ list of Medal of Honor winners, calls them heroes. Against this backdrop, legendary director John Ford crafts the story of Sergeant Rutledge.”

The Sweeney: Tomorrow Man – S03E05 – John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Garfield Morgan


Rising Damp: Leonard Rossiter -S01E01 – Black Magic



Rising Damp starred Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour, Richard Beckinsale and Don Warrington.[4] Rossiter played Rupert Rigsby (originally Rooksby in the stage play), the miserly, seedy, and ludicrously self-regarding landlord of a run-down Victorian townhouse who rents out his shabby bedsits to a variety of tenants. Beckinsale played Alan Moore, a long-haired, naive, good-natured and amiable medical student who occupies the top room. Frances de la Tour played Ruth Jones, a fey, whimsical spinster and college administrator who rents another room, is approaching middle age, and with whom Rigsby is in love.

In the pilot episode, a new tenant arrives. Philip Smith (Don Warrington) is a planning student who claims to be the son of an African Chief. As a black man, he brings out the ill-informed fears and knee-jerk suspicions of Rigsby. However, the landlord quickly accepts his new tenant and henceforth regards him with a wary respect… wary because of Philip’s intelligence and smooth manners, and especially because Miss Jones finds herself attracted to the handsome sophisticate. Of these four principal actors, only Beckinsale was a new recruit – the others had all played their roles in the original stage play.

In the first series, there was another tenant Spooner, a professional wrestler, played by Derek Newark. Rigsby gets on his bad side when he and Alan ‘borrow’ his clothes in the episode ‘A Night Out’. Spooner made only two appearances but is mentioned in other episodes in Series 1. Other tenants occasionally move into the house but never became permanent residents, often appearing only in a single episode. Peter Bowles and Peter Jeffrey were among the actors portraying these tenants.

Frances de la Tour temporarily left the series in 1975, after appearing in four episodes of the second series, because of theatre commitments. She was “replaced” by Gabrielle Rose for three episodes as new tenant Brenda (she also appeared in la Tour’s last episode of 1975 “Moonlight and Roses”), whilst Henry McGee also stood in for one episode as new tenant and conman Seymour. Frances de la Tour returned for the final two series.

Richard Beckinsale did not appear in the fourth series due to West End theatre commitments. Eric Chappell wrote some lines into the intended first episode ‘Fire and Brimstone’ to explain Alan’s absence (he had passed his exams to become a doctor) but these were cut when it was decided to broadcast the second episode ‘Hello Young Lovers’ as the first episode instead.

Eric Chappell defended Rigsby by saying he “was not a racist or a bigot, but he was prejudiced and suspicious of strangers. But he accepted Philip and his only concern afterwards was that he didn’t get a leg over Miss Jones.”

Classic Comedy: #12 – Benidorm S02 E06

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Episodes of the award winning ITV comedy.

This Episode

In their last effort, Mick and Janice both try to persuade Madge not to get married. Meanwhile, Mick has upset Janice, by forgetting it’s their 10th wedding anniversary. Janice tries her best to give him hints, but he is still not aware of the occasion. That morning, Janice goes to a local bar for a drink with Madge, and finds out the owner, Jack, has a crush on her. As Janice forgot her money, Jack told Janice she could pay him with a kiss. As her mother leaves, she secretly snogs Jack – but she soon found out that was a mistake, as he quickly became obsessed with her. Later that night in Neptune’s, Janice cries and opens up to Mick, finally revealing that it was their anniversary, but still keeping the secret of kissing young bar owner, Jack.


Benidorm is a British sitcom written and created by Derren Litten and produced by Tiger Aspect for ITV that aired for ten series from 1 February 2007 until 2 May 2018. The series features an ensemble cast of holiday makers and staff at the Solana all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm, Spain over the course of a week each year.

The series first aired on 1 February 2007. Critically acclaimed, Benidorm has received two National Television Awards[1][2] and nominations at the British Comedy Awards[3] and BAFTAs.[4]

On 5 July 2018, series creator and writer Derren Litten confirmed that series 10 would be the last.[5]Benidorm Live, a stage adaption written by Litten, was announced with 250 shows scheduled in theatres across the United Kingdom and Ireland MORE AT LINK

Series 1

Series 1 introduced the main characters, the Garvey family: parents Mick (Steve Pemberton) and Janice (Siobhan Finneran), teenage daughter Chantelle (‘Telle’ – Hannah Hobley) and seven-year-old son Michael (Oliver Stokes). They are on their first holiday abroad, paid for by Janice’s mother – the sun-worshipping, chain-smoking Madge (Sheila Reid), who doesn’t have a kind word for anyone.

Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) and Donald (Kenny Ireland) have been coming to Benidorm for twenty years and are enthusiastic, middle-aged swingers. Kate (Abigail Cruttenden) and Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) are going through a rough patch during their third year of marriage. Within seconds of arriving, they realise that the Solana is the worst place for them to make a fresh start.

Geoff Maltby (Johnny Vegas), who calls himself ‘The Oracle’, has an irritating computer-like knowledge of trivia, he claims to be the Lancashire pub quiz champion, and is prone to fits of competitive behaviour; he has always come on holiday with his mother, Noreen (Elsie Kelly). Gavin (Hugh Sachs) and Troy (Paul Bazely) are on their first holiday together after setting up a successful hair salon. They consider themselves superior to the other guests but are happy enough to get drunk and snigger at them; later in the series, their relationship hits rock bottom when Troy is caught with another series regular.

Also introduced in Series 1 are barman Mateo (Jake Canuso), who flirts with anything that breathes, and Janey (Crissy Rock), the hotel manager and cabaret M.C. at Neptune’s bar. Guest cast members include Ella Kenion as a fake fee-collector who cons the Garveys out of money at the beach – but who is caught when she turns up at Neptune’s; and Niky Wardley, playing Kelly, Mateo’s ex-love

Duchess of Duke Street – S02E4,5 &6


Multiple episodes

BBC Battlefields (2001): 1/4 – El Alamein – Richard Holmes


Montgomery’s victory over Rommel, the German commander in North Africa, was a brilliant success, but came at great human cost.

Sunday Matinee: The Undefeated (1969) – John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Ben Johnson


Good cast, many of whom had worked many times with Wayne eg Ben Johnson, Bruce Cabot, Harry Carey Jr for example

The English Electric Lightning jet


John Nichol flies in The English Electric Lightning which is a supersonic fighter aircraft of the Cold War era. It was designed, developed, and manufactured by English Electric, which was subsequently absorbed by the newly formed British Aircraft Corporation. It was then marketed as the BAC Lightning. The Lightning was the only all-British Mach 2 fighter aircraft. The Lightning was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). Although it was the RAF’s primary interceptor for more than two decades it was never required to attack another aircraft.

Beg To Differ: Do Democrats Need “Woke Detox”?- 06/11/2021


About the show

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by The Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker of The Week to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

The Atlantic’s Jonathan Rauch helps dissect Tuesday’s election results. Are both parties unfit to govern?

Mayfair London Walking Tour | Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


November 25,2021

It’s arguably the wealthiest district in London, and according to Sinead, in the world. Bentleys, Ferraris, designer clothes, beautiful architecture, and a lovely street vibe await you on this walk. You will stop in the barbershop of the royal family, see where Queen Elizabeth was born, pass by embassies, walk around the stylish Berkeley Square and Grovesner Place, and much more. If you enjoyed this Mayfair London walking tour, then please consider leaving Sinead a Tip by clicking the THANKS button or at (no account needed) or on Paypal at…. Book Sinead for a private tour –…

A Conversation with Ben Johnson and Harry Carey, Jr (1995)


Great programme

Colossal Pictures and Simplex present “A Conversation with Ben Johnson and Harry Carey, Jr.” recorded in 1995 in Abilene, Texas. Directed by Tom Rigby and Don Snyder. Edited and released by Simplex and Colossal Pictures 1995. Online distribution by Devil Cat Studios 2021.

Sunday Classic Comedy: Doctor In The House (1954) – Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlov, Donald Sinden, Kenneth More, Kay Kendall, James Robertson Justice


Excellent cast, classic British comedy

Al Jazeera – Inside Story: How worrying is the new Omicron variant?


November 28, 2021

Just as the world was starting to show signs of recovery from the pandemic, a new COVID-19 variant called Omicron, has been identified. Scientists say it’s more infectious than the Delta strain and it’s unclear if the vaccines we have now will be effective against it. The global stock market, price of oil and travel industry are already seeing its impact. Many countries have banned or restricted flights from Southern Africa, where the new variant is believed to have emerged. So how concerned should we be? And are vaccinations enough to contain it?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra Guests: Helen Rees – Chair of the W.H.O. Regional Immunization Technical Advisory for Africa and Member of the South Africa Ministerial Advisory Committee for Covid-19 & Covid-19 Vaccines. Julian Tang – A Clinical Virologist at the University of Leicester. Azeddine Ibrahimi – Director of Medbiotech, a Medical Biotechnology Laboratory.

Joolz Guides: Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace


Another of these fun, quirky videos

One of the many reasons I like these videos is that he visits so many places I used to know years ago. It is incredibly nostalgic and fun.

Ally Pally as we knew it was not too far from where I grew up. I remember going to exhibitions there. In addition I took some of my professional exams there.

Joolz takes you on a weekend walk around Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace.!


John Rogers: South London ‘Psychic Circuit’ – Shooter’s Hill to Woolwich


Uploaded on April 08, 2018

Interesting videos about London, and elsewhere, from London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city

His blog The Lost Byway

A walk with legendary London writer Iain Sinclair inspired by cult writer Steve Moore – from Shooter’s Hill and the Shrewsbury burial mound to Charlton House then Maryon Park and the locations used in Antonioni’s ‘Blow Up’.

Oxford Union: Jeremy Corbyn MP – Full Address and Q&A


I detest Corbyn, but this was interesting and worth listening to

Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician, who served as the Leader of the Opposition for Labour between 2015 and 2020. He has been a Member of Parliament from 1983, during which he campaigned on a number of issues, including opposing the Iraq War and advocating for a unified Ireland. He has now launched the ‘Project for Peace and Justice’ where he is working on social equality, conflict resolution and environmental issues.

ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Oxford Union is the world’s most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. Since 1823, the Union has been promoting debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.

PBS Newshour: Brooks and Capehart – 26/11/21 – COVID-19 variant, inflation, Ahmaud Arbery verdict


WAPO columnist Jonathan Capehart and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Newshour to discuss the week in politics,the new COVID- 19 variant, inflation, President Biden’s leadership decisions at the Federal Reserve and the verdict in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

DW News: Omicron: What we know so far about the new COVID-19 variant


November 28,2021

There’s growing global alarm over Omicron – the new coronavirus variant that first emerged in South Africa. Researchers say it could be the most infectious form of the virus so far, and it might even beat current vaccines. The international response has been swift. Many countries have shut down air travel from southern Africa. The South African government says the bans are an overreaction. Omicron has moved quickly. Now countries around the world are racing to get ahead, banning flights from the region where the variant was first discovered. South Africans suddenly find themselves cut off from the world. Since the UK announced its travel ban, many other countries have followed suit. South Africa’s government says they acted too quickly. As quickly as the travel restrictions were announced, they are more likely to slow down rather than completely stop the spread of omicron. Dutch health officials fear that dozens of COVID-infected passengers who arrived in Amsterdam on Friday might also be infected with the new variant. Hong Kong, Israel, and Belgium have already confirmed cases. The world has made progress in the fight against the coronavirus, but the new variant shows that the battle is far from won. The message for now from many officials: Get the vaccine, get the booster, and follow public health regulations.

GBNews: Neil Oliver: Fear has blinded people to the reality of manipulation


November 28, 2021

Drachinifel: The Refit Of HMS Hood


24 December 2020

Chopper’s Politics Podcast: Matt Hancock on trolling, Tony Blair and ‘Tory scum’


November 06, 2021

Former Health secretary Matt Hancock and Labour backbencher Rupa Huq join Christopher Hope for his first interview since he quit from the post, to explain why they are joining forces to escalate the conversation about the online abuse of MPs. Rupa weighs up whether more needs to be done about anonymous social media accounts, while Matt reveals which surprising well-known figure has been giving him advice on avoiding the trolls. Also on the podcast, the Telegraph’s own Camilla Tominey gives us the low down the lobbying row that’s causing fireworks in Westminster this week, plus comedian and commentator Matt Forde and reveals his dream interviewee for political patter (and frankly, we’re shocked the answer isn’t Chopper).

A UK political podcast hosted by Christopher Hope of UK Telegraph

Read more from Christopher Hope:…

Listen to more episodes of Chopper’s Podcast:

Humour in the Morning – Cholmondley-Warner on Life in 1990

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