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BBC Radio Drama: The Dresser with Freddie Jones and Michael Palin


Classic Satire: Spitting Image – S10 E04


BBC Radio Comedy: Elvenquest – S01 E02 – The Search For Amis


ElvenQuest is a comic fantasy broadcast on BBC Radio 4 by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto, and starring Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan, Darren Boyd, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Winkleman and Dave Lamb. The series takes place in the world of Lower Earth, a parody of Middle-earth from The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. In Lower Earth, a band of warriors go forth to search for a mythical sword to save Lower Earth from the evil Lord Darkness (played by McGowan). In order to do so, they must find “The Chosen One” who will save Lower Earth. The Chosen One is Amis, a dog in the real world which belongs to a fantasy novelist called Sam Porter (played by Mangan) The first series was broadcast from 29 March to 3 June 2009 and the second from 18 November 2010. The third series began broadcasting from 17 October 2011. The fourth series began broadcasting 12 February 2013


Sam Porter (Stephen Mangan). An author of fantasy novels with a jaded attitude, especially towards his more fanatical fans. As the series opens his career and personal life are not going well.

Amis, the Chosen One (Dave Lamb). Originally Sam’s pet dog and best friend in the world, he transforms into a human in Lower Earth but retains canine traits and behaviours.

Vidar the Elf Lord, (Darren Boyd), last of a mighty family of Elf Lords, and the leader of the Questers, despite being somewhat dim. His name may be inspired by Víðarr, a god in Norse mythology associated with vengeance.

Penthiselea the Warrior Princess (Sophie Winkleman Series 1–3) (Ingrid Oliver Series 4) in silver breastplate armour and thigh-high boots, who has been promised to Vidar since childhood. Sam is very interested in her, but having been raised as a Warrior Princess she has no concept of relationships with men. Her name may be inspired by Penthesilea, a legendary Amazon warrior-queen.

Dean the Dwarf (Kevin Eldon), a mighty if diminutive warrior with unsavoury personal habits.

Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan), Lord of Evil, whose efforts to dominate Lower Earth are frustrated by the Questers and his own staff of extremely dimwitted minions.

Kreech (Kevin Eldon), the Right Hand of Darkness, and only slightly less dimwitted than the other minions.

Other characters played by Chris Pavlo.

Crime Drama: Wire in the Blood – S01 E01 – Still She Cries – Robson Green, Hermione Norris


The series is set in the fictional town of Bradfield, which is assumed to lie within West Yorkshire. It follows the Major Incident Team (MIT) of Bradfield Metropolitan Police’s CID and the assistance provided to the detectives by clinical psychologist and serial offender profiler Dr. Tony Hill. All of the main episodes revolve around a serial killer whom Hill helps to track down by means of a profile, based on the killer’s actions.

From Series 1 to 3, the MIT is headed by Detective Inspector (Chief Inspector from Series 2) Carol Jordan. The two develop a close relationship, which is further explored in McDermid’s novels, in which Jordan is always head of the MIT. In the first episode of Series 4, Jordan is replaced—without real explanation—by Detective Inspector Alex Fielding, who (despite being initially hesitant to accept Tony’s support) eventually develops an equally close relationship.

A constant theme is Carol’s, and later Alex’s, struggle with their senior officers, who are often less trusting of Tony’s eccentric methods and far-fetched theories than Carol and Alex. There is also a romantic storyline showing a growing development in Tony’s relationships with both Carol and later Alex. Whilst starting as friendships, both detectives begin to develop romantic feelings for Tony, although these feelings never develop into a relationship.

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BBC: Soldiers – Part 2 – Cavalry


A 13 part series from 1985, only 7 episodes located so far, but of interest for all that

Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle is a 1985 BBC television documentary series about the history of warfare from antiquity to the Falklands War. Each episode looks at warfare from the perspective of different participants: infantryman, artillerist, cavalryman, tanker, airman, guerrilla, surgeon, logistician and commander. The series and a companion book were written by John Keegan and Richard Holmes, and the series was presented by Frederick Forsyth.

1 – “The Face of Battle” (18 September 1985)

2 – “Cavalry” (25 September 1985)

3 – “Gunner” (2 October 1985)

4 – “Fighting Spirit” (9 October 1985)

5 – “Infantry” (23 October 1985)

6 – “Tank” (30 October 1985)

7 – “Air Power” (6 November 1985)

8 – “Sapper” (13 November 1985)

9 – “Casualty” (20 November 1985)

10 – “Sinews of War” (27 November 1985)

11 – “Commander” (4 December 1985)

12 – “Irregular” (11 December 1985)

13 – “Experience of War” (18 December 1985)

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