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It is Easter


So Adam will be relaxing,

So posting will be much reduced, even non existent, for a few days. Enjoy Easter everyone

This is us – thanks to our politicians


1984 1956

Body & Soul – E01 – Kristin Scott Thomas


An excellent series which Adam remembers well

A nun, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, leaves the convent temporarily to help save her family knitting mill from bankruptcy following the death of her brother. Outside the convent she becomes a fairly shrewd businesswoman and feels attracted to one of the men who work at the mill, and thus begins to feel conflict about her religious vows.

Excellent cast includes Amanda Redman, Anthony Valentine, Dorothy Tutin in this 6 episode series – first aired in 1993

BBC Radio Drama: Shadows of Doubt by Palma Harcourt (1983) – Audio Drama (1985) – Mystery/spy fiction


S𝒀𝑵𝑶𝑷𝑺𝑰𝑺: Pawn Captured An eminent Russian wants to defect to the West – but is the reason he gives the real one?

1: First Moves – Pawn

2: Grand Master’s Gambit 26:55

3: Black King to White Castle 53:45

4: White Knight, Black King 1:21:49

5: Trapping the Black Knight 1:50:28

6: End-Game 2:18:22

A British Intelligence officer becomes entangled in a web of espionage and counter-espionage when Colonel Alexi Banalov of the KGB offers him secret NATO documents in exchange for political asylum Google Books Originally published: 1983 Author: Palma Harcourt People also search for: Cue for Conspiracy, Limited Options… Genres: Mystery, Spy fiction

Stephen Colbert: Neal Katyal: Mueller’s Report Is ‘The Beginning Of The End’


Neal Katyal, the man who wrote the rules on special counsel investigations, wants to point everyone’s attention to footnote #1,091 of the Mueller report.

Furthermore, here is an article Katyal wrote recently

Neal Katyal writes, at WAPO,

Neal Kumar Katyal is the Saunders Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. He was acting solicitor general of the United States from 2010 to 2011.

The public has every right to see Robert S. Mueller III’s conclusions. Absolutely nothing in the law or the regulations prevents the report from becoming public. Indeed, the relevant sources of law give Attorney General P. William Barr all the latitude in the world to make it public.

Those regulations, which I had the privilege of drafting in 1998 and 1999 as a young Justice Department lawyer, require three types of reports. First, the special counsel must give the attorney general “Urgent Reports” during the course of an investigation regarding things such as proposed indictments. Second, the special counsel must provide a report to the attorney general at the end of the investigation, which Mueller delivered on Friday. And third, the attorney general must furnish Congress with a report containing “an explanation for each action … upon conclusion of the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

Classic TV Drama: The Onedin Line – #88 – S08 E06 – “The Price of Pride”


A great Brit TV Classic – this episode

Back in Liverpool, Tom tells Baines it’s not too late to settle his argument with James, but Baines says that he has had the whole voyage home to make amends. James says it has been a long time, maybe too long says Baines, they shake hands. James finds Margarita in bed ailing from a fever and chest infection from Liverpool’s cold air but getting better. James shows an interest in a three-masted barque the Angelos, to transport a cargo of ivory. He tells Dawkins that Baines is no longer with the Onedin Line. Dawkins suggests that he take the Soren Larsson with James himself as captain. Baines receives his final pay from Dawkins including the profit from his shares in the Christian Radich and Dawkins tips him off about a possible whiskey charter. Tom tells James that he is a partner with Baines and is going on the Sea Spray’s first run. James is furious and tells him that he is in breach of his indentures and will send him on a coaling run to Swansea until he learns obedience. Tom lies to Baines and sets sail with him on the Sea Spray. Max Van Der Rheede calls on James for the repayment of his £10000 debt, sold to him by Samuel, plus £500 interest. On the way to the launch of the new Fraser ship, the William Fraser, Dunwoody lets slip that he has seen Dawkins dining with Van Der Rheede and that he is the source of the indiscretions. Tom tells Baines that he has lied to him and Baines is furious telling him that James ‘owns him body and soul’. James confronts Dawkins who says that Van Der Rheede told him he only wanted to help but James dismisses him anyway. Elizabeth receives a letter from Samuel saying he is returning from abroad and that he has remarried. James repays his debt to Van Der Rheede who says he will use it to buy the Angelos. He tells James that because of his blind greed, he ruined his brother who then committed suicide and that he made a graveside vow to beggar him. James wonders why Charlotte has not responded to his or Margarita’s letters. They learn that she has been away on tour singing in Music Hall. She is booked to open at The Pantheon in Liverpool performing under the name The Lancashire Nightingale. Samuel arrives with his new American bride Caroline. Her father is President of the New York Yankees Baseball team as well as a Long Island bank. Charlotte arrives and greets Caroline, mistaking her for James’ wife Margarita. Samuel is furious and says ‘thank you Charlotte, thank you’. In the hold of the Sea Spray a rat jumps out at the bosun causing him to drop his lamp, setting fire to the cargo of whisky. Tom tries to put out the fire but is badly burnt, Baines rescues him and they escape in the lifeboat before the ship explodes. Tragically, Tom dies from his injuries in Baines’ arms.


The Onedin Line is a BBC television drama series, which ran from 1971 to 1980. The series was created by Cyril Abraham.

The series is set in Liverpool from 1860 to 1886[1] and covers the rise of a fictional shipping company, the Onedin Line, named after its owner James Onedin. Around this, it depicts the lives of his family, most notably his brother and partner Robert, a ship chandler, and his sister Elizabeth, giving insight into the lifestyle and customs at the time, not only at sea, but also ashore (mostly lower- and upper-middle-class). The series also illustrates some of the changes in business and shipping, such as from wooden to steel ships and from sailing ships to steamships. It shows the role that ships played in such matters as international politics, uprisings and the slave trade.

Classic Aussie Crime Drama: Blue Heelers – #110 – S03 E24 – “Mind Games”


Episode #47 seems to be missing
Episode #53 blocked in Adam’s location

Episode #90 Spider Man blocked in Adam’s location

From Wikipedia

Blue Heelers is an Australian police drama series that was produced by Southern Star Group and ran for 12 years on the Seven Network, from 1994 to 2006. Although based around the policing of the town, the series generally depicted the everyday lives and relationships of the residents of Mount Thomas, a fictional small town in Victoria. The series was one of the highest-rated and most-awarded programs in the history of Australian television, having won 5 Logie awards, it is equal as the most awarded show in Logies history with The Don Lane Show. It is also noted for its two main stars Lisa McCune, a four-time recipient of the Gold Logie, and John Wood, who also won Gold.

Blue Heelers was first aired on 10 September 1993, with the episode “A Woman’s Place”. The last episode, aired on 4 June 2006, was the 510th episode, “One Day More”. It was produced by Southern Star for the Seven Network. During its 13-season run it won a total of 32 awards and was nominated for a further 50.This included 25 Logie Awards, five of which were the Gold Logie, the most coveted television award in Australia.

As well as everyday policing matters, the series deals with many controversial and “touchy” subjects. The series was the first to examine the stressful world of young police officers who are “thrown into the deep end where they are left to sink or swim”.

Police procedurals were enormously popular in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, but by the 1980s they had been replaced by home-grown soap operas and mini-series. Blue Heelers, however, was Australia’s most popular television drama while it lasted. The series drew more than 2.5 million viewers every week at its peak. Along with Homicide, Blue Heelers holds the Australian record for most episodes produced of a weekly prime-time drama. 

Classic Comedy – Last of the Summer Wine – S01 E03 – Pate and Chips


Format is not great, but audio is OK

Classic Comedy: Wendy Craig – And Mother Makes Five – S01 E04


From Thames TV this sitcom ran from 1974 to1976


From Wikipedia

.And Mother Makes Five is a British sitcom that aired on ITV from 1 May 1974 to 11 February 1976. Starring Wendy Craig, it is the sequel of …And Mother Makes Three and aired for four series. …And Mother Makes Five was written by Richard Waring, Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer. Wendy Craig also wrote thirteen of the episodes under the pseudonym Jonathan Marr, including the whole of Series two. It was made for the ITV network by Thames Television.

This sitcom was the follow-up to …And Mother Makes Three, which had finished in June 1973. The final series had seen Sally Harrison, a widowed mother of two, marrying the antique bookseller, David Redway, the divorced father of one. The two families then became one. The two sitcoms had almost exactly the same cast, although Miriam Mann had been replaced by Maxine Gordon in the role of Jane Redway

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