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Midnight Movie: Spellbound directed by Alfred Hitchcock with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman (1945)


A classic

BBC Radio Drama: Sword of Honour by Evelyn Waugh


Classic Satire: Spitting Image – S03 E03


DW: The Germans – Otto and the empire


Twyford breaks law, yet Ardern is only disappointed


Twyford has been outed as breaking the law regarding use of cellphones on planes

RNZ Morning Report had a segment on Ardern being disappointed

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it was only yesterday that Transport Minister Phil Twyford realised he’d made a big mistake by making a phone call on board a plane. Mr Twyford offered to resign but Ms Ardern refused the offer. She did however strip him of his Civil Aviation Authority portfolio. Ms Ardern tells Guyon Espiner: “I cannot determine at the time if it was something obvious to [Twyford]. Either way, clearly the doors were closed.”

Not disappointed enough. Slapped with a wet bus ticket

He should be prosecuted John Bank was, furthermore additional allegations have been made.

Labour’s attitude is distinctly different from that they adopted when Gerry Brownlee barged through airport security, at that time Twyford led the hyenas baying for Brownlee’s blood.

Brexit Fun


Blower – Daily Telegraph


Media prevaricate


This tweet from The Hill and the response, make a point as to how a number of the media tend to be reluctant to call a spade a spade

It is worth noting that many of the responses to The Hill tweet were similarly condemnatory

Further it supports this comment in a recent post by Adam:-

Foer suggests:-

Few individuals will have the time or perhaps the capacity to sort elaborate fabulation from truth. Our best hope may be outsourcing the problem, restoring cultural authority to trusted validators with training and knowledge: newspapers, universities.

Therein lies a key problem. Many of these validators are no longer to be trusted. Many universities are no longer bastions of free thought, but validators of intolerance and bias. Many newspapers simply regurgitate clickbait.

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