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Herald finds it’s spine, then loses it


Today, wonder of wonders the NZ Herald momentarily became a newspaper again, rather than a clickbait entertainment website with a paper added on.

The once mighty Herald ran a strong editorial condemning the Winston Peters required law on waka jumping. This shoddy piece of legislation one of the worst Adam can recall was required by Peters as a coalition condition.

The essence of it is that Peters hold on his party is so tenuous that he requires a law to ensure that his MPs, or serfs, do what he says. As the Herald noted:-

He needs to keep his latest crew on board for the duration of the Government he has formed, and clearly needs a law to do it

It is a massive condemnation on Labour and Ardern that they signed up to this abomination. As for the Greens, well their ideas of democracy and transparency make Stalin look democratic. Look at the way Clendon and Graham became non-persons. Despite the Greens continued protestations of democracy, in fact more like mob rule by anarchist activist.

However, we digress. Unfortunately in the last sentence of it’s editorial the Herald reverted to form and bottled it. Instead of finishing with a ringing condemnation of a grotesque blot on parliamentary democracy, the leader writer wrote:-

At least it’s likely to be scrapped as soon Peters goes.

Absolutely, fucking pathetic.

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Kiwibuild – looking at the realities


Professor John Tookey, writing in the Dominion Post, looks at Phil Twyford’s Kiwibuild policy.

Tookey is Director of CUBE-NZ at Auckland University of Technology’s School of Engineering.  His areas of expertise include: Construction management, logistics, SCM, Productivity, procurement, building costs and BIM.

So it would seem that he knows that of which he writes.

He penned an interesting article. On consideration and re-reading the article late today, it could be inferred that there was an element of damming with faint praise.

The article finished with this:-

Without a robust plan to drive capacity development the policies are unachievable. Transformative industry growth is unlikely without a concerted focus on capacity growth.

At present that explicit sequence of capacity-building initiatives is absent.

General Montgomery said “amateurs talk strategy; professionals talk logistics”. The systemic problem in Auckland and New Zealand is most certainly the logistics of growing scale. But this is not being addressed by wishful policy statements.

Hardly a ringing endorsement.

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Labour’s Foreign Buyers Ban (1) – More holes than Swiss Cheese


Where to begin is hard. There are so many holes in this policy and related pronouncements that it is akin to Swiss cheese (Gruyere).

However, to get us going let us look at an easy hit.

Labour campaigned hard on how a ban on ‘foreign house buyers’ would bring house prices down. This campaign was led by now Housing Mnister Phil Twyford. He of the infamous Chinese names scandal re house buyers in Auckland. A scandal never properly debunked by Labour’s media slaves and toadies.

Very recently Stuff reported. There is an explanatory video clip as well:-

“Purchases of homes by offshore speculators push first home-buyers and families out of the housing market,” Housing Minister Phil Twyford said.

A clear inference was that banning foreigners would bring prices down. Then, we see even more recently this comment from David Parker, possibly one of the few adults in the crew of the waka of fools:-

Trade Minister David Parker has said he does not expect a huge impact on housing prices, but the principle that buying New Zealand homes was a privilege was an important one.

So one minister claims foreigners push Kiwis out of the market, another one says it is unlikely to make a real difference.


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