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Jacciah’s Lie for Today – 22/08/2017

August 22, 2017

So today we see a new  lie and one worthy of posting:-

the effervescently charming Jacinda Ardern has channelled her own “I’m happy to be the MP for Tauranga” rhetoric with her constant reminders of her rural upbringing in Morrinsville and how she hasn’t given up on the farmer vote. If that’s the case she has a strange way of showing her affection!

Sourced via Whaleoil

The Evil Empire strikes back

August 22, 2017

Just when you thought it safe to go to the woodshed


Trump Toon

August 22, 2017

One of the best Trump Toons yet


Jacinda Mania – vomit inducing

August 22, 2017

This morning Adam read a post on Jacinda mania at Your NZ. Truly much of the coverage across all media has been verging on the hysterical. Whaleoil was right to call it ‘Jysteria.

Then Adam saw this tweet

The parting jab from Dunne was not bad, but the picture makes you want to spew.

And then just when you think it will not get any worse, well it did on TVNZ’s Breakfast was the Breakfast Club where amongst other things they discussed the election – will try and find a video clip, but there were some asinine comments from the guest  female commentator, apparently the election is cool because Jacinda might be PM, get enaged, get married and have a baby. Apparently that makes Ardern and Labour cool and a reason to vote for them. God help New Zealand.

Quotation for Today – 22/08/2017

August 22, 2017

Despite what many claim to think about Cameron Slater and his Whaleoil blog, he is quite clear about his views and puts them forth robustly. On occasion he is possessed of a great turn of phrase such as this one:-

We’re running out of ways to bastardise her name, but I’m starting to think Jysteria. It seems that if a younger attractive person smiles and says the very same things that an older gruff guy said less than a month ago, suddenly it’s GREAT!

In this one paragraph he encapsulates the ridiculous position now obtaining in NZ politics.

Ardern refuses to rule out CGT

August 22, 2017

Since the coming of the Jacciah (aka The Jassiah) we have had fuel tax, water tax, now a CGT, and probably higher income taxes. The CGT is a near certainty as the study group will recommend what they are expected to.

Here is the video from Morning Report and an extract from the accompanying sidebar..

Ms Ardern told Morning Report she would get an advisory group to look at the possibility of a widespread capital gains tax to help steady the country’s housing market, but she definitively ruled out taxing the family home.

She said New Zealand ranked poorly internationally on the issue and it was important to assess whether or not a five-year capital gains tax would be appropriate or if something even wider would be needed.

Yet again, despite the number of years Labour have been talking about this tax, they still have not firmed up, supposedly, what they intend. They are asking the electorate to hand them a blank cheque. Note as well the sting in the final sentence ‘or if something even wider would be needed‘ Just what does that presage.

Far too much of Labour’s policy, especially re taxes is about we will do this – ie tax you more, essentially by attacking business and punishing investment. Most of their announcements are warmed over versions of the past and still after years of thinking about them, absolutely no detail.

This is not acceptable.

Yet the Fourth Estate is too wrapped up in the aura of the Jacciah to ask any questions.

Get real people. Labour will tax, tax and tax again.

Cartoon for Today – 22/08/2017

August 22, 2017

Blower – Daily Telegraph



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