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Midnight Movie – Impact

September 22, 2017

Classic Radio – Hancock – Radio Cyrano

September 22, 2017

Tony Hancock, Sid James, Bill Kerr, Hattie Jacques, Moira Lister – BBC at it’s best

Tomorrow is not the election

September 22, 2017

Contrary to the belief  at large the 23 September is not the real election. Tomorrow we elect several parties, but the real election will depend on the price the leaders from tomorrow are prepared to pay as Danegeld to an irascible septuagenarian, based on current polling.

Alternatively we might have, if the youthquake occurs a snowflake backed by a bunch of numpties ruining the country. However, even the snowflake might have to kowtow to the elderly one.

This is what MMP and early voting gets you.

Get out the Macallan and weep.

Jerusalem – 2012 Last Night of the Proms

September 22, 2017

Mother and Child Reunion

September 22, 2017

Too good to resist – and Adam thinks she is broody and running a major scam


Do not vote for this she is a flake

Kevin Spacey – Beyond the Sea

September 22, 2017


Olivier, Tutin – Beggar’s Opera – Over the hills and far away

September 22, 2017

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