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The True Rulers of New Zealand?


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You might well think that New Zealand is a democracy. I used to think that also, but then I became aware of something called Rugby. This is an addictive drug which many, including politicians, have allowed to take over and dominate their lives. The politicians are probably no loss. Untold harm is being done to the fabric of society through this addiction.

This drug is sold openly and without any restrictions except price. Addicts compete to attend communal consumption sessions of the narcotic known as games. Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders use motorcades to ensure they can be sure of taking their place with the consuming hordes. In order to avoid public disorder occasioned by addicts unable to obtain a ticket, rioting in the street, the government allows the games to be shown on TV. Further they promote consumption calling it ‘healthy sport’ encouraging children to play the ‘game’ at school. This sets the stage for consumption and addiction as adults.

Currently, the government is attending a meeting with the shadowy cabal behind the global distribution of this narcotic which poisons our country. The Prime Minister and the Minister for the World Cup are presenting their report on their plans for increasing uptake of the drug in 2011 to the International Ruby Board and it’s NZ distributor the NZRU.

In order to advance consumption and ensure that only permitted suppliers of rugby can profit from the game, legislation has been passed which restricts the rights of others to advertise near the ‘games’. This restrictive legislation provides for ‘enforcement’ officials to enter private property to ensure clean zones.

Property rights, business, personal freedom are all being trodden upon so as to ensure the ‘rugby’ drug can continue to hold sway. Huge amounts of public money are being committed to white elephants (called stadiums) to maximise the numbers able to consume at one time in one place.

Where will it all end? Who will free us from this bondage? What will come of this addiction to this opiate owned by foreigners?

Why can we not see that selling out our basic rights to enable a game is wrong?

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