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The War in Iraq – what happens afterwards?


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We see the aftermath of the suicide bombers on the TV news. Many of us, especially in left-of-centre political circles, have a tendency to mutter disapprovingly of the American efforts in Iraq.

It was interesting therefore to read an article by Jeffrey Goldberg, published in The Atlantic on possible future scenarios in the Middle East.

Whether you agree with what he says or not, the article provides a more complete view than the often superficial/limited coverage in the NZ media.

In the course of reading the article the site had a reference to a couple of interactive map sites which I note below. They are worth a visit as well. I had not realised just how often these places had changed hands.

Imperial History of the Middle East is an interactive map from Maps of War showing how control changed over 5000 years.

The second is from PBS with population, resource details etc.

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