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Roger Douglas confronts ‘hard right’ tag


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Roger Douglas has an article in the NZ Herald today refuting the accusations that he has a ‘hard right’ agenda. In particular he takes issue with a recent column by Herald columnist John Armstrong.

Adam thought Douglas did a pretty good job.

Rather than comment directly, Adam notes the specific comments here, by The Hive and here by David Farrar at Kiwiblog. Mr Farrar makes the point that Douglas was selective in his points of refutation, which Adam had noted.

He notes that Douglas makes no reference to the cutting of $3 to $5 billion from public spending. Like Mr Farrar, Adam thinks Sir Roger recognises this frightens people away. Personally, Adam thought this was more of a talking point to focus people on the fact that there is waste in the bureaucracy and that delivery can be better targetted and more efficiently delivered.

In Kiwiblog, David Farrar, attempts to estimate the cost of Douglas’s tax proposals, but I think he has over estimated the cost. In any event, Adam treats the tax proposals as objectives rather than an immediate one off. The point is that Douglas proposes to incent people not disincent them.

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