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The talented Mr Laurie


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Adam is a great admirer of Hugh Laurie, so was pleased to come across this interview with him in the London Times. Please read it.

Sample extract:-

A recent poll put Laurie in the top five favourite television personalities in the US, up there with Oprah and Jay Leno. This popularity is due to his role as Dr Gregory House, which has also won him critical acclaim (two Emmys) and financial security (he supposedly gets $200,000 per episode). “That’s an exaggeration. I am being very handsomely paid, though. My ship has come in and I’ll be forever grateful.” He has made three series of House to date, is halfway through the fourth and is signed up for three more. Will he then be able never to work again? “That would depend on how long I live,” he replies (he is 48), with impeccable logic. “If I step under a bus in a week’s time, the answer is yes.”

Readers are recommended also to watch the interview James Lipton did with Laurie on Inside the Actors Studio it was excellent, that is if it is on. Rialto Channel was running it..

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