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The NZ First Advert


The appalling ad from Winston First

Above is the advert published by NZ First in newspapers today. In this case in the Dominion Post.

  1. Does anyone know whether this complies with the EFA?
  2. Peters was Treasurer when Auckland Airport was privatised
  3. Who is trying to sell the dairy industry, surely that is misleading information
  4. If New Zealanders owned New Zealand what does that mean other than an emotive rubbish statement
  5. The advert seems to suggest that a country which depends on foreign capital to cover the deficit can adopt an anti foreign investment approach with no consequences
  6. It seems to me that the purpose of the advert is to induce people to support NZ First on an ongoing basis, ie at the Election.Adam suspects that the Electoral Commission may not see it that way.
  7. Does the ad mean we should not trade with Samoa, a low wage economy
  8. Does it mean we should not trade with Thailand with whom we have an FTA, or does it imply we could trade with such countries, but do not need an FTA – that at best is naive especially if our competitors sign FTAs and thus gain advantage over us – the ad is simplistic and grossly misleading
  9. What is to stop NZF arranging for large numbers of these slips to be returned, as there is no requirement for validation, so any claims of widespread support would need to be treated with extreme caution

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