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NZ Herald recycles old News as new News


Adam was amazed to read this story on the NZ Herald site today. It was one picked up from the London Observer and was about Mayhill Fowler who was the lady who blogged about Barack Obama’s remarks at an event in San Francisco which sparked the ‘controversy’ over the ‘bitter’ remarks.

Amazed because he thought this was old news, though the Herald is running this under today’s date.

Amazed again because Adam had blogged on this item under the title Blogging: influencing US Primary Campaigns last Tuesday the 15th April 2008. At that time the item was already some days old.

This is old news and he thinks the NZ Herald needs to get a bit more current, and certainly make the timeline clearer if they are going to pick up old stories.

Now Adam’s readership is nowhere the size of the Herald’s but he does think they could be a bit more upfront on the timeline, especially in the world we live in today and the fact that with the internet many of us do read publications other than the NZ Herald.

Incidentally, the NZ Herald is not the only news outlet that does this, he has noticed other publications and media do the same on occasion.

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