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Video Parodies:3 am New Zealand:From both Left & Right


Somewhat predictably the video parodists are having fun with the 3 .am. telephone call ad used by Hillary Clinton in the USA and mutating it for NZ conditions.

Adam has seen 2 versions so far, one from the Left and one from the Right.

They are both some what predictable. The style adopted in each case is different.

Whale Oil is blunt, to the point and unequivocal. Subtle it is not. Here it is.

The one at The Standard, posted by Tane, is more restrained and perhaps a bit more in tune with some clever US parodies. It is effective, though less in your face. Here it is.

In any event view them both and enjoy.

As I have noted before, you do not have to agree with the sentiments to enjoy a parody.

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