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Cullen’s new toy


Thanks to The Hive, I found this excellent post on the rail nationalisation by Tim Selwyn at Tumeke.

He eloquently points out the folly of the transaction.

Of course Cullen was not indulging in a commercial transaction.

It would be very interesting to know what the business case, if any was for the deal.

No, he was indulging in an ideological burp, so he could hang an albatross around the necks of the country, safe in the knowledge that he would not be there to have to deal with the chickens turkeys when they come home to roost.

We should be thinking now about what else he and Helen might buy in the next few months. We should be afraid, very afraid.

Of course what is even more interesting is the paroxysms of joy the people at Newzblog and The Standard are going into over the marvellous far-sighted decision Cullen has made. They really have no understanding of the real world.

No doubt the boys & girls at Frogblog will have an orgasm in due course.

You only had to see Russel Norman on Agenda yesterday to know he is so far out of touch with economic reality, that he makes Jeanette Fitzsimons look rational.

Now what people will be saying when reality sinks in is another matter.

Narrow gauge is not viable, for high speed trains. higher speeds make trains a better bet than cars.

The only way this will work is through some form of compulsion, which means we the taxpayers are condemned to propping up a dead dog and pretending it is alive for the foreseeable future.

Why would someone spend 12 hours on a train Wellington to Auckland when door to door by plane is probably well under 2 to 3 hours tops. Not only that the plane can well be cheaper.

How will we finance the massive investment required in the rail network for lines, rolling stock etc, when massive investment is required in lots of other infrastructure as well, given that governments for the last 60 years or more have neglected such spend because NZ voters expect ‘gummint’ to pay, but seem to think ‘Gummint’ gets its’ money from some supply unrelated to taxpayers and their ability to pay.

Well people, reality is about to bite with a real vengeance.

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