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Food Shortages – Impact of Burmese Disaster


The cyclone that hit Burma has caused severe damage in the Irrawaddy delta. The FT reports. This has major implications for rice production in Burma. 65% of Burmese rice was produced in the delta. Although Burmese production has been declining due to the ineptness of the regime, Burma had remained self sufficient in rice. The cyclone has changed all that. It will be some time before much of the land swamped by the cyclone can be cultivated again.

Not only is this event devastating in personal terms for so many, it will have economic consequences regionally and possibly globally too. The failure of the despotic regime to invest in agriculture and in flood prevention has now truly caused a catastrophe.

Read the FT article it makes for dispiriting reading, especially when one realises what potential Burma has.

Yet again we see the same factors present:-

  • corrupt governance
  • under development
  • inefficient farming practices
  • once self sufficient regions becoming food importers

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