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Food Shortages:Biting views from cartoonists


Adam has posted before on the way in which through cartoons, issues can be brought to public attention. The examples which follow demonstrate this fact. To Adam’s mind they are a vivid and in some instances extremely biting critique on the issue.

Food SHortage cartoon

From Slate -cartoons on issues of the day – Food Shortage

Again from Slate on the same issue

This above from the Slate ethanol gallery, as is this one


Slate has a comprehensive set of cartoon galleries on a wide range of subjects, featuring cartoons from all over the world. This enables you to see how a topic is viewed in different countries and cultures. Thus differing perspectives can be seen.

The area is entitled : Todays Cartoons and can be accessed through the News & Politics section if you cannot get the links to work.

Depending on the topic, country and publication, plus of course the cartoonist a number of these cartoons are savage in their viewpoint.

The various galleries are well worth a look.

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