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Cullen dampens expectations:spin or reality?


Colin Espiner blogs about Cullen’s pre-budget speech in Christchurch today. Paula Oliver has an article on the NZ Herald site.

Both journalists seemed to think they were at a farewell, or indeed a rather staid funeral for a grumpy old uncle. He is not dead, but he might well have been for all the notice that was being taken of him.

Is it time to read Cullen’s political obituary or has he got something expensive and vote buying up his sleeve for the budget?

Was he merely dampening expectations?

Is he manipulating us all again?

Or is he saving money for the election campaign so that he scatter money around like confetti, calling it prudent, whilst castigating National for secret agendas.

It is very suspect also that a confluence of events means interest rates are starting to come down, prior to the election.

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