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500 Published Posts


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Looking at some blog statistics today, Adam was astounded to find that he was about to publish his 500th post.

This surprised him immensely.

When he started blogging his purpose was just to deploy analytical skills and have some fun.

This remains the primary purpose.

It is why amongst the current affairs and political items you see the pictures, music and sheer lunacy items.

When I started and the intent was and still is to focus on my views of the world and my idiosyncrasies.

Adam believes that this is his 500th published post and thanks all his readers.

  1. Ed Snack permalink
    21/05/2008 09:05

    Yes, congratulations for the effort you have put in. Your series of posts on immigration alone would be worth noting, and you have definitely made a niche in my “must visit daily” blog list.


  2. 21/05/2008 07:38

    Congratulations to Adam. His take on the world is always interesting and refreshing, and he is on my list of daily must-reads. Long may Adam continue to enrich to blogosphere.


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