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Vietnam:differing views


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Inventory2 at Keeping Stock alerted Adam to yet another example of mis-information, nay dis-information from The Standard concerning John Key and his opinion on the Vietnam War. Here is the post at Keeping Stock.

Now Adam heard an item on the radio news concerning this. It is his recall that Key was not expressing a personal opinion, but an opinion based upon what he understood was a decision made in the circumstances at the time, i.e. what the then government believed was appropriate. Given that NZ went into Vietnam in 1965, Mr Key would have been only some 4 years old in 1965 and some 10 years old in 1971 when NZ left Vietnam, hardly of an age to have had a meaningful opinion on the matter. Therefore, his personal view of the Vietnam War is hardly relevant.

Yet because a number of tired old anti-war protesters, some of whom are now in political office, wish to drape themselves in the rhetoric of the 1960s and use that to yet again beat up on a 21st Century politician; does not mean they are correct, merely rather sad and out of touch.

Indeed, Adam would suggest that we should look askance at the Prime Minister. so proud of her anti-war credentials, who never fails to drape herself in the flag and attend any military commemoration going. One might, if one was so minded, suggest that she was perhaps some what hypocritical ;not Key!

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