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Dorks in Hoods-An Improvement?


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Photo: Mark Mitchell/NZ Herald photo & article

Taxpayers contributed $35,000 to Hoodie Day.

Does anyone think that it was worth it?

Will ‘yoof’ even notice it is Hoodie Day?

On the other hand those 3 Green MPs do look like dorks, do they not.

Adam trusts the hoodies are not made from any fibre derived from oil by products. Perhaps they are made from hemp?

As an attempt to get the ‘yoof’ vote it is crass even for this regime.

  1. 30/05/2008 14:40

    As I noted elsewhere this morning, I own ONE sweatshirt with a hood. I made sure that it was in the wash this morning so that I would not even accidently support this blatant waste of taxpayer dollars.


  2. Colin Lucas permalink
    30/05/2008 11:49

    A complete waste of their time and the taxpayers money!


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