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EFA should be enforced


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Homepaddock has an interesting post on an advert in The Courier, extract below:-

At the left of the masthead for The Courier is an advertisement for Aoraki MP Jo Goodhew with her contact details and the Parliamentary crest and a small National logo which is the sort of thing an electorate MP routinely does.

At the right of the same masthead is an advertisement in which the Labour logo takes up a third of the space and under this is “Timaru Government MPs’ office, your link to Government” with an address, and both a Timaru and 0800 phone number. It also carries the parliamentary crest.

In the post Homepaddock explores whether or not this is another breach by Labour of the EFA. Homepaddock reaches the conclusion in the post and thread that it is. The thread is worth reading as well, because of the attitude and comments displayed by a commentator on the post, not in a negative sense, but because of the obvious success by Labour in positioning the EFA with some segments of the electorate.

Now in itself as we have seen the fact that Labour routinely appears to breach the EFA does not appear to attract as much media attention as it should. Nor more importantly do these myriad of breaches appear to attract any meaningful action by the Electoral Commission and the Police.

Adam does not approve of the EFA.

Adam does believe that even if a law is bad it is not of itself unlawful, therefore whilst the law can be lobbied against; breaking the law or calling on the law of common sense is not an option. Further, he thinks that it is morally and ethically unacceptable for the Labour Party and their fellow travellers the Greens and Winston First to be those who breach the law or appear to breach it more often than others.

If a law is bad or wrong -repeal it, don’t just ignore it.

Why does the Electoral Commission not take firm action on these breaches?

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