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‘Red’ Russel no longer to be Cinderella


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So ‘Red’ Russel is no longer to be the Cinderella party leader; he will go to the ball. Mike Ward has suddenly decided to play fairy godmother to the Greens Co-leader, so that his wish of entering Parliament before the election can be granted.

Vernon Small notes in his piece in the Dominion Post today:-

Insiders at the party’s conference wanted a change soon to give Dr Norman the chance to lift his profile and to use the extra resources available to an MP.

It was also feared that waiting till closer to the election could cause a public backlash, a delegate said.

Claire Trevett has an item in the NZ Herald also.

Nandor will now step down, and ‘Red’ Russel will step up, so that the Greens can obtain extra funding for him at the election.

What a blatant piece of manipulation of the rules under MMP. Someone who none in the electorate voted for is now propelled into Parliament.

Adam hopes that the second comment in the article extract above comes true.

There should be a backlash and a mighty big one at that, against this unprincipled move by the Greens. Indeed, Adam would trust that there would be similar opprobrium heaped on any party that indulges in such shameless manipulation.

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