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Hager, Crosby Textor and TV ONE News


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Predictably the Hager árticle’ in the SST had all the usual left voices acting as if John Key had been found indulging in an act of bestiality, rather than doing what politicians do, that is acting rationally and legally in taking advice from a variety of sources on how to win.

That is what party leaders are supposed to do – win elections.

Oh, and by the way it is not mandatory to tell your opponents what you are doing, there is no duty of disclosure on these matters. Indeed, discretion and secrecy are often advantageous when battling to win an election.

Now The Hive yesterday carried an item on how the SST might regret having published all that they did, see this Hollow Man II – You Should Read This if You Do the Legal Work for the Sunday Star Times, in which they point out that a number of the allegations made on various blogs, have been refuted and that one Australian ‘left’web site has had to apologise and pay compensation.

Adam suspects what has the left frothing with paranoia is that Crosby Textor are successful.

Back to Hager, TV One News had an item this evening from Guyon Espiner where he specifically referred to Crosby Textor, as a firm of dubious advisors, then he said Bill English had obviously learned his lines in reference to English refusing to confirm or deny. Simon Dallow introduced the item by referring to secret advisors.

To Adam’s mind the TV ONE item came across as a smear by innuendo, clearly they used a wording that implied something nefarious was afoot, though Espiner made a reference to it all being a trivial matter so why were National sensitive. No doubt so that if queried later a claim of balance and/or inconsequential could be made.

National have a perfect right to be sensitive about who gives them advice, when and of what nature. Crosby Textor if they are working for National have entered into a private, contractual relationship. For National, this is especially so given the campaign of innuendo and smear run against them repeatedly by Labour.

What makes this all so much worse is that the media, especially the SST and the government owned broadcast media in particular, have given oxygen to a story the bare bones of which is that National, perfectly legally, has hired a successful firm of political consultants who advise right of centre parties on running winning political campaigns. So what!

  1. rocky permalink
    01/07/2008 18:39

    Jafapete………..The type of tactic that seems to enamour you lefties is distributing false eviction notices to terrorise elderly tenants into voting for you as your party did last election. As for smear tactics the reason your party is sliding in the polls is the continuous underhand false innuendos and lies with which you attempt to besmirch the integrity of John Key in order to level him down to the depthl to which your leaders have sunk.


  2. What would Hayek say permalink
    01/07/2008 13:46

    Egad – Is this how far we have descended to as a country? If this is a worthwhile story then NZ is fast becoming the collective home of all the Area 51, 911, VRWC theorists. The level of paranoia is massive.

    Then again its not paranoia if they really are out to get you.


  3. 01/07/2008 11:51

    Adam suspects what has the left frothing with paranoia is that Crosby Textor are successful.

    No, Adam, it’s the *extent* to which they — or the campaigns that they are associated with — go in spreading misinformation and lies. And the utter contempt for the voters and the democratic process that it betrays.

    Just who was responsible for the rumours about Ken Livingstone having three secret children and hiring Muslim extremists, that so benefitted the Crosby-Textor advised Boris Johnson campaign? It doesn’t matter whether it’s push-polling, swift-boating or the furtive smearing with rumour conducted at nudge, wink, arms-length distance from the official campaign. We lefties don’t want it here.



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