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A Bauble Too Far


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Adam foreshadowed some of this yesterday in his post “How far will Labour go’ in respect of Mallard’s musings on the Reserve Bank Act as reported in the Dominion Post. He had thought then that off stage waiting in the wings was Winston.

As Adam had suspected shuffling onto centre stage now comes Winston, stating that changes to the RBA would be a bottom line in any post election negotiation, should NZ First be involved. See this item on Stuff.

So now the economic framework is to be the subject of negotiation with a populist politician. Should said politician be in a position to demand concessions. Just what the economy really needs at this time. A politician who would be prepared to see inflation rise, if he could cloak it with reference to other issues being considered. A politician who appears to think that NZ a small export based economy at the bottom of the world can set itself apart from the rest of the global economy.

There may be a case to look at the framework, but it should be calm, considered and not, NOT, in an election campaign where the decision is determined by the need to buy off a coalition partner.

This has all the hallmarks of an unholy political arrangement between Labour and Winston to allow Winston, if elected to stick with Labour, as National have said they will retain the present framework. Indeed, Adam believes Bill English is not inclined to go down the path of ‘What Winston Wants winston gets’

We are now beginning to see just how far Labour will go in the ‘Contest for Power’.

We need to see searching examination by the media of this issue. But Adam will not hold his breath.

Yet economic policy will crucially determine just what happens in many respects over the next few years. Economic policy determined by pandering to Winston Peters is not policy as such. Economic policy determined by lusting after power is not policy, as such. Policy requires analysis and consideration of the issues and rational and logical thought, not casual adoption in the course of an election campaign. Such policy made in the campaign heat is regretted in the cold hard light of day.

In Adam’s view allowing Peters to determine the economic framework of the country would be ‘A Bauble Too Far’

  1. 04/07/2008 12:04

    There’s a Fiscal Responsibility Act – this shows we need a Political Responsibility Act.

    In the meantime, how can we remind Tauranga & NZ that every cent spent selling Peters or NZ First is a cent they haven’t paid back to parliamentary services?


  2. 04/07/2008 09:52

    The only way to ensure that this kind of collusion doesn’t occur post-election is for NZ First to be obliterated. I am extremely confident that Peters will again be rejected by the good voters of Tauranga, and I hope that New Zealanders are sufficiently non-moronic to see thriough his xenophobia and self-interest, keeping him below the 5% threshhold.



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