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Desperate Cullen sees giant trucking conspiracy


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Stuff has this item on a speech by Michael Cullen to an audience in Palmerston North where in reference to the truckers’ protest and the fact that Tony Friedlander of the Road Transport Forum is a former National Party Minister:-

“There may well have been [a misunderstanding] but I think there’s a great deal of politics about this as well. It’s not an entire coincidence, I’m sure, that the head of the Road Transport [Forum] is a former National Party cabinet minister.”

This desperate attempt by Cullen to stigmatise the truckers protest as a National Party stunt, so as to divert attention from more pressing issues, would be funny if it was not so pathetic. The comment smacks of desperation. Next, no doubt, we will read that Hager the Horrible exposes the truck protest as orchestrated by Crosby Textor. Conspiracy theories are just so much fun and serve to distract some people from focusing on the real issues, which of course is the intention.

Indeed, as much as anything else it is the constant sniping at people on a personal level, always accusing them of base motives that Adam believes has turned many away from Labour. In fact one might be forgiven for taking the view that it is those who are so ready to sling mud are the ones with the base motives. That and the fact that after 9 years, Labour Ministers are still trying to blame the last National government for all their problems. Annette King was at it again the other day.

The Left goes on and on about National using Crosby Textor, but are themselves mounting personal attacks on Key and others all the time. Yet somehow they seem to have convinced themselves that when they stoop to the gutter, that it is OK, because they are only doing this from the highest of motives to protect the people from themselves.

Balderdash, tosh and piffle.

Clark, Cullen, Mallard and the rest are playing dirty. If it stays dirty, they will have only themselves to blame.

As Cullen said:- ‘it is a contest for power’


  1. 06/07/2008 19:44

    Great post Adam. Maybe Crosby/Textor used psychic energy to send subliminal messages to Annette King to get her to push up the RUC’s, after which they sent subliminal messages to hundreds of Labour-voting truckies to flag work for a day and drive their trucks into the cities. Man, these Crosby/Textor guys are good!!



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