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Hubris Syndrome and NZ Politicians


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Some readers may remember that a few weeks ago Adam devoted a post to the concept developed by Lord David Owen, former British politician, who is a medical doctor also.

Lord Owen had observed that the longer politicians are in office, the more likely it is that they become mentally or physically incapable of sound judgment and lose their grip on reality.

He saw the pressures they were under and began to consider how illness affects the decision-making powers of leaders. And he noticed that some leaders who weren’t actually ill in the conventional sense became so intoxicated with power that it warped their judgment.

There were warning signs: unshakeable self-confidence, contempt for advice and inattention to detail. Gradually, they would lose their grip on reality.

There was no name for such a condition, so Lord Owen invented one: Hubris Syndrome (HS).

Previously Adam has postulated that NZ sufferers might include Helen Clark and Winston Peters and possibly David Cunliffe.

Now Adam is of the view that the syndrome has broken out more widely, he suggests that based on recent statements, sufferers apart from the afore mentioned Clark, Cunliffe and Peters include Annette King -her behaviour over the EFA, plus the recent RUC gaffe, Michael Cullen – if for nothing else, seeing a giant political conspiracy between the truckers and National.

Possibly there are other sufferers.


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