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Helen Clark plays the man, not the ball.Again!


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Somebody, writing under the name Stephen Cook, wrote an article for the HoS about Helen Clark. The article was not what one would call probing or analytical. It might be unfair of Adam, but he was put off by the second paragraph:-

When it comes to John Key, Clark stops short of Winston Churchill’s famous quote on Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister Ramsay McDonald: “He has more than any other man the gift of compressing the largest number of words into the smallest amount of thought.”

Now that caused Adam to think that Mr Cook is perhaps less than objective. Apart from anything else, the writer accepts at face value supposedly warm comments by Clark about Brash, Shipley and Bolger. Bolger possibly, but Brash and Shipley – just not credible. Clark is rewriting history there. Perhaps she merely mis-spoke.

Clark said about Key:-

Key, on the other hand, was someone who didn’t stand up well to pressure.

Well Adam does not buy that. Currency trading at which John Key was an expert is an extremely high pressure business, it requires the ability to think quickly, analyse a situation and make decisions. Good training Adam would have thought for the role Key aspires too, especially as currency trading requires the trader to have a good knowledge and understanding of economics, politics as they are key factors in influencing currency markets.

What the remark and others like it in the article tells Adam is that Clark knows that Key is a formidable opponent and she is pursuing the attack line, as do her colleagues of belittling Key. Strange how all the key Labour people adopt such markedly similar lines on Key. One might almost think they had taken advice from consultants. No, only the evil National Party does that.

Again in this article we see Clark attacking Key as a person, seeking to try and portray his business and financial success as somehow wrong and by implication dodgy. This again is a line parroted by others in Labour, almost as if they had been drilled in their lines by consultants. No this cannot be. Slap on the wrist for Adam for harbouring such thoughts.

Remarks such as these raise in Adam’s mind the thought that if this is what Clark truly thinks, then we should all be very worried, because the real Helen Clark is thus someone who is anti success, anti business. This may explain why NZ has not progressed very far economically in recent years, with the toxic duo of Clark and Cullen in charge.

It was these next comments in the article which really got Adam cross:-

The fickle nature of polling meant that “one stumble” could determine an election.

“And you won’t find too many stumbles by me on the campaign trail,” Clark said.

Well what an arrogant remark. Who the hell does she think she is?

No wonder Labour is behind in the polls. Out of touch and arrogant is the least of it.

Adam would have thought that in the last few weeks there had been several severe stumbles, including:-

  • not holding the referendum on s59 at the election
  • virtually accusing Navretj Singh of putting himself in harms way by owning a liquor store
  • the RUC fee increases – causing 4,500 truckers to rally across the country
  • provoking 15,000 people to turn out and protest about crime
  • attacking Key in the House
  • Cullen accusing the rod freight industry of a political conspiracy
  • Cunliffe being found to have known earlier than he had said about Mary Anne Thompson

The woman is beyond belief. Yet time and time again the media seem to accept what she says without challenging it.

This article being yet another example.

Adam notes the comments in the article attributed to John Key:-

THE NATIONAL leader decided on a more diplomatic approach yesterday, saying that he and Clark were obviously “very different people”.

“I do not have decades of political experience, but I do bring to the table a wide range of international and domestic experience and an understanding of the real issues facing New Zealand.

“I am also not bound up by the issues that dominated New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s.”



  1. progledaj1 permalink
    08/07/2008 02:44

    somebody likes bad womens.


  2. Tanya permalink
    07/07/2008 13:37

    The woman has gone mad, she just can’t stand to lose. Arrogant, ignorant, stale. The media have turned on her…as will ber Party soon, either that or oblivion for them!


  3. 07/07/2008 10:36

    It is the height of both arrogance and ignorance to dismiss another’s skills and experience just because they happen to be in areas with which you are not familiar.

    Ignoring Key didn’t work so now she’s attacking him, but the mud is sticking to her, not him.


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