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Obama’s banalities pander to the under-10s


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Gideon Rachman at his Financial Times blog has a less than fulsome take on the Obama Berlin sppech.

Adam enjoyed this paragraph amongst others:-

But the amazing thing about Obama is the way in which he manages to make banalities sound profound. I sat with pen poised, ready to take down the most important bits. But I found myself scribbling phrases like – “We cannot afford to be divided”; “we must give our children back their future.”. My own children seemed unmoved by this piece of pandering to the under-tens – and kept trying to switch over to the Simpsons.

As Rachman rather pointedly comments:-

No, if you want a mass rally, Germany is definitely the place.

It is useful though to see more reasoned comment on Obama rather than much of the sycophantic comment which seems to appear elsewhere.

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