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Adam’s 1000th published post at The Inquiring Mind


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Much to Adam’s surprise he has reached the milestone of 1000 posts with this one.

The reference numbers on the links mean nothing, as the numbers seem to increment each time a piece is saved whilst in preparation.

Adam thanks all his readers for their input over the last several months.

Adam is pleased to note that his blog has achieved some popularity and hopes to maintain that going forward.

My thanks again to everybody who visits this blog. If you agree with what is here, great. If you do not agree with what is here, great again.

Take the time to browse the posts and leave a comment should you wish to do so.

I’m enjoying myself, I sincerely hope you are too.

  1. Ed Snack permalink
    28/07/2008 08:32

    Yep, well done, always a good read and thoughtfully done.


  2. 28/07/2008 08:23

    Congrats 🙂


  3. 28/07/2008 06:47

    Congratulations – Like FM I am impressed not just by the quantity but also on the quality of your posts.


  4. 27/07/2008 22:44

    Well done Adam.
    You seem to have notched them up pretty rapidly, while maintaining an excellent quality.


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