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Cartoon for Today, Monday 28 July 2008


invisible hit counter


Garland - The Telegraph, London - 25 July 2008

Garland - The Telegraph, London - 25 July 2008

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  1. Ed Snack permalink
    28/07/2008 08:30

    It’s certainly true that in the main, the US and particularly the world’s media have already decided who they want to win the elction, and are putting a great deal of effort into trying to make this come about. The coverage in NZ is very typical, large story on a single McCain “misspeak” (over the Pakistan Iran border, they actually do have a significant border, it’s just that the US is not active on that border), whereas the myriad of Obamaisms are entirely ignored. The 57 states, wanting to be president for 10 years, etc, not stories. The fix is in and will probably succeed, the traditional media remains a powerful force.


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