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Kea deaths are for the species greater good


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Browsing the TV3 web site Adam came across this statement:-

Conservation Minister Steve Chadwick told Parliament the deaths were not intentional, but were for the greater good of the kea.

Kea - NZ Alpine parrot

Kea - NZ Alpine parrot

Now Adam is sure that the fact that the death of seven Kea was for the greater good of the species will be a great and continuing comfort to the remaining birds. A sort of avian ‘pour encourager les autres’

Personally, Adam found the somewhat sinister phrase ‘for the greater good of the species’ rather unsettling and somewhat reminiscent of the arguments used by those promoting particular and politically doctrinaire uses of eugenics for the improvement of species.

In fact Adam would not have been surprised to see the Minister make use of the phrase ‘ collateral damage’ . Maybe she is reserving that phrase for when DOC makes yet another cock-up.

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