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Another life form identified on Planet Winston


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Clark said she remains confident that Peters has explained himself properly and said the question of an investigation was hypothetical.

Attributed to Helen Clark by TVNZ News on 30 July 2008

Adam is now confident that in the parallel universe where Planet Winston is located there are at least 2 life forms, Winston Peters and Helen Clark. How else to explain the fact that Winston has not explained himself to anybody and what he has said is abuse or remarks which explain nothing.

  1. 31/07/2008 20:57

    Interesting thread Adam, with good comments. Of course Peters is a hypocrite, but equally vaild is the rationale that this will not matter to his “true” followers.

    However, we know that Peters’s key constituency is the elderly. Our saving grace may well be that his “flock” has probably thinned by around 10% since 2005, and further diminishes with every funeral. In contrast, he is unlikely to attract large numbers of replacements from the newly retired. Add to that the increase in the population since 2005, especially the immigrant population (those who qualify by way of citizenship) – I would hazard a guess that immigrants are a very small part of NZ First (Peter Brown excepted!).

    Three months out from the 2005 election NZF was polling at 10%, after which their support collapsed. Statistically, the poll ratings NZF is registering at present is IMHO as good as it is going to get. Peters can only keep up the bluster for so long, but this time I think the combined resources of the media will prove too much for him. I hope so, anyway!


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    31/07/2008 19:52

    The quote is as lifted.

    Increasingly, I think Winston is using this to call the ‘faithful’ to prayer, though in his case it is not the mosque, but the voting booth where he wants them to prostrate themselves.

    The media whilst exposing the issues, needs to focus more on the ethics, hypocrisy and lack of rectitude rather than on the legality.

    There are two main reasons for this:-

    1) I suspect that the licit or illicit nature of any dealings will be very hard to demonstrate, if it can be demonstrated at all. or the statute of limitations will intervene, for example under the old Electoral Act there was a short period for acting after which offences are time barred. Something which needs addressing. Further, offences if they have taken place are likely to be seen by his core constituency as ‘technical’ and will be difficult for many to comprehend.

    2) Banging the ethical, morality drum is easier and you do not need to prove wrongdoing, merely to demonstrate repeatedly that the behaviour is morally reprehensible and totally hypocritical. That line of attack may achieve greater traction with the public as a whole.


  3. 31/07/2008 18:20

    “How else to explain the fact that Winston has not explained himself to anybody and what he has said is abuse or remarks which explain nothing.”

    Even in the absence of a question mark, I will assume that this poses a question, albeit rhetorical. And I can’t resist rhetorical questions, as you’ve probably noticed. So…

    Winston has on occasions in recent weeks explained himself just as much as he needs to. His answers to questions about the Spencer Trust, for example, indicate quite clearly that he is not a beneficiary (in law) of the Trust; and so he cannot answer the questions put to him. He quite properly directs these questions to the Trust.

    This morning’s attempt by the DomPost to beat up what is obviously two cheques banked at the same time and not requiring to be declared is just the latest such case.

    But the confrontations with reporters do serve a purpose for Peters; they provide a visual reinforcement for his narrative of a vast media conspiracy against him. Unfortunately there is a sizable group of people who lap this stuff up. Maybe enough to secure Peters 5% at the next election. Gee, thanks DomPost. Just keep playing into Peters’ hands.

    I know my answer won’t provide any comfort, but I hope it clarifies things.


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