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John Key at the WRCC


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Up early this morning and into town before dawn, for a variety of reasons, but a main one was Adam was attending another of the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce breakfast sessions, sponsored by Momentum, and the guest speaker today was John Key.

Arrived at the 28th floor of the Majestic centre with a magnificent early morning vista of the harbour visible.

The event was well patronised with some 80 or so attendees.

John Key was introduced by the Chamber’s CEO Charles Finny, who noted with a wry comment that National has adopted the Chamber’s policy to some extent on infrastructure, though he hoped a Minister for Infrastructure did not mean another ministry.

Now Adam is certain that some if not all of what was said will be reported in the MSM. In addition the Chamber has posted a video of John Key’s presentation.

Though when Adam tried to access it, the video did not seem to to work with Firefox, though it can be accessed in IE. Adam suggests the WRCC might want to fix that.

Adam thought it was a good presentation. He was interested to see that Key spoke without notes.

The speech appeared to be well received and Adam heard a number of favourable comments in the foyer and lift afterwards.

As you will hear in the video Key is picking the election as October 18, 2008. Consequently, Adam suspects the PM will choose another day so that she can say Key was wrong.

Adam thought Key presented well, and made some good points. Though it is fair to say that Adam is far more likely to vote for the right than for the left.

Key appeared confident.

Well done to the WRCC for arranging the event.

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