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Are bloggers media?


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Vernon Small blogs at Inside the Beltway on whether bloggers are media, occasioned it would seem by Mr Farrar being seated with the media at the National Party conference.

Maybe we bloggers should ask if journalists are journalists any more, as much seems to be spin.

Adam thinks Mr Small is being a bit precious, or maybe he wished to stir the pot a little and provoke some debate, which is not such a bad idea at that.

  1. 08/08/2008 16:30

    Not all journalists are bloggers, not all bloggers are journalists. Some are both, some blogging is journalism, some isn’t.

    Blogging is a new medium of communication different from but complimentary to older forms such as newspapers, radio and TV all of which have people writing for them – some of whom are journalists, some of whom aren’t. SOme of the work these people produce is journalism, some isn’t.

    Some of all of the above have good writing some don’t.

    I think the answer is maybe, it depends, possibly sometimes. 🙂


  2. 08/08/2008 12:53

    The question that you ask “are journalists journalists?” is one which has occurred to me with increasing frequency of late. Perhaps “journalists” such as Vernon Small (who, of course, is also a blogger!) are feeling a little threatened by the preponderance of bloggers doing their job for them!



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