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Cheesecake and hedonistic delights

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Popped into the local Internet cafe to check email and look at the Kiwi papers.

Have to say having been away a few days it all appears somewhat distant.

Cannot say the NZ papers on line seemed to have any real meat in them.

Ah well hedonism beckons, or maybe I have strayed into a parallel universe.

Got some really great cheesecake in Acland Street today, pastry shops to die for

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    14/08/2008 17:03

    Oh yes, we made an early foray there


  2. 14/08/2008 15:43

    Wives are like that eh Adam! Has Mrs Smith discoved the department stores yet?


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    14/08/2008 12:08

    IV2 yes, St Kilda

    I used to come to Melbourne quite frequently on business and never discovered Acland St, my wife came once some years ago and like a cruise missile located the target instantly


  4. 14/08/2008 08:38

    Adam – Acland Street – is that down in St Kilda? If so, I heartily agree – the pastry shops are indeed to die for, even if one has to diet for them at some later date!


  5. bookemDano permalink
    14/08/2008 07:35

    Melbourne rocks- known aussie-wide as he best place to go if you want cake! Such a great city- so much style; every time I go I wonder what it will take to get Auckland to the same place (perhaps add another million or so to the population)


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