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Finally we ate in Lygon Street


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All week we had been talking about going to Lygon Street in Melbourne. Sunday we made it.

Went for a walk and found nowhere open nearby where we were staying. So we hailed a cab and requested the driver to take us to Lygon Street.

We walked past a number of places and decided on one.

Went in and ordered.

It was a good meal, not great cuisine, but more than acceptable. Mrs Smith and I chose steak. Mrs Smith had eye fillet which she pronounced excellent and Adam had a very satisfactory rump steak, though perhaps he should have ordered rare rather than medium-rare.

We finished up with some very good ice-cream.

A good finish to what has been a most enjoyable week in Melbourne.

We are looking forward to another vacation in Melbourne.

  1. 15/09/2008 17:53

    absolutely loved reading this post. I truly want to see your next one!!


  2. 18/08/2008 12:24

    Agree wholeheartedly Adolf. No aggro, just an ecelectic range of people enjoying life as it was intended to be enjoyed, It’s a unique place, and a must-visit when you go to Melbourne.


  3. Adolf Fiinkensein permalink
    18/08/2008 11:07

    Twenty years ago The Cook and I dined in Lygon St one Friday evening. Our hosts were locals. The tucker and wine were superb but the best part was walking out into the street at 10.00 p.m. and seeing thousands of people just wandering around with no drama, angst, drunkenness or trouble. Ages ranged from little bambinos through to old wrinklies. It was truly magnificent and sadly, you’d never see it in Auckland.

    Someone should tell Winston Peters that this is what immigration does for a country.


  4. 18/08/2008 09:50

    Mrs I and I went there on the last night of our honeymoon five years ago, and it was one of the highlights of our trip to Melbourne. From all the maitre d’s touting for business at the doors of their restaurants, to the vibe and atmosphere of the place, it was a great experience. Mrs I went Italian, but I tried Kangaroo for the first time, and it was delicious. We haven’t made it back to Melbourne since, despite the best of intentions, but it’s in the plan!


  5. 18/08/2008 09:19

    It was an Italian restaurant HP. and I had Minestrone, but we had had Italian the day before at the Veneto Club, founded by immigrants from Venice


  6. 18/08/2008 08:46

    You went to Lygon St and didn’t choose Italian?


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