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EFA hits health initiative


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From the NZ Herald:-

The new electoral law has forced the Ministry of Health to keep its advertising for the cervical cancer vaccination programme at a low level until after the election.

Well if the Government had not perverted so much advertising in the past this would not be happening. Of course departments are nervous with the EFA, but the government and weak public servants are to blame, because of the past overtly political slant of much advertising.

Now health initiatives are being hit through a combination of a draconian law and past government actions.

More details in the article.

Even the drug company involved appears to be nervous:-

Mike Taylor, country manager of CSL Biotherapies New Zealand, the vaccine supplier, said the company would advertise to young women on billboards and possibly on radio from September 1.

Because of the act, the company had consulted lawyers to avoid the ads being construed as electoral support for the Government.

“Our intention is to publicise a public health initiative. It’s not to go out and connect this in any way to the Government or the Labour Party,” he said.

“We won’t be giving the size of the investment, the reason for it, or who it’s made by. It’s about the HPV immunisation campaign and the connection Gardasil has to that. There’s no reference at all to a Labour-led initiative … hopefully that gets us under the radar. It’s an unknown. There’s a certain amount of risk in this.”

This situation alone should condemn this law to the dustbin.

It needs to be replaced with a properly considered law.

Further, new laws on what government departments can advertise and the contents of such ads are needed.

UPDATE: Homepaddock has blogged on this as well

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