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Byzantine world of health funding (1)


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The other day Adam posted on the issue of the government’s cervical cancer vaccination programme being caught, strange thought it may seem by the EFA.

Now Adam has become aware from this post at MacDoctor that the situation is even more bizarre.

The post in question begins:-

Today we have the edifying spectacle of the government shooting themselves in the foot while walking on broken glass. The NZ Herald reports that:

The new electoral law has forced the Ministry of Health to keep its advertising for the cervical cancer vaccination programme at a low level until after the election.

Homepaddock also blogs on this, pointing out the completely farcical situation of an electoral law preventing a health initiative. That’s certainly shooting yourself in the foot. But the situation is even dumber than that.

Please read it is well worth it.

Truly the world of health funding is Byzantine.

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  1. 21/08/2008 16:10

    Byzantine: What a thoroughly gentlemanly word for the insane labyrinth of convoluted decisions that comprise healthcare 🙂

    Welcome to my world…

    (Oh, and thanks for linking!)


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