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Greens seek input on their ETS decision


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The Green Party is seeking feedback from New Zealanders as to the decision they should reach on the ETS.

An extract from an item on their party website is here:-

The Green Party is facing a difficult decision over whether to lend its support to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“At the beginning of this process we said we wanted to be as open about these negotiations as we could be and now we have reached a point where the Green Party caucus has to make a decision about this next Tuesday and we would like some feedback from New Zealanders before we do,” Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says.

Adam believes that this is a good move.

Adam encourages people to respond to this initiative with constructive suggestions.

It is not often that political parties seek input like this. Consequently, Adam urges people to respond.

He suggests that other blogs might wish to encourage their readers to do the same.

The item concludes with:-

“We are now keen to hear from New Zealanders any views they have before we make our decision on Tuesday.”

People can email their opinions to

Adam would like to point out the following:-

1 He is not a member of the Green party

2 He does not intend to vote for the Greens at the election

3 He is not canvassing support for the Greens as regards the soon to be held general election

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