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Some politicians have principles, strange that!


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John Key as quoted in the NBR on Friday:-

Mr Key said questions still remained around the 2003 parliamentary inquiry into the scampi fisheries quota and whether Mr Peters had misled the public in relation to the Glenn donation.

He also questioned Mr Peters’ assertion today that Sir Robert’s donation had found its way to NZ First. If that was the case then why was it not declared, he said.

Mr Peters’ credibility had been severely dented and he would now find it hard to trust his word.

“We’ve had so many instances now where Winston Peters’ version of events just doesn’t stack up with the version of events presented by others.

“Really the call we made on Wednesday to effectively cut Winston Peters and New Zealand First loose wasn’t a call we made easily or lightly. We did it with the full knowledge it may well cost National an opportunity to be in government,” he said.

“I would find it enormously difficult trusting the word of Winston Peters

Note the language.

Key is not mincing words. Key is crystal clear.

To Adam it appears the MSM is not listening to what he is saying. Every time he is interviewed they ask him the same questions.

  1. 30/08/2008 19:38

    To your goodself Adam, and Mr. Dennis above..

    Neither of you recognise the so-called Paradox Philosophy that Mr. Key employs constantly. It is discernible in his broadcast comments – and there’s every reason to believe in his everyday life – by a discourse which builds upon itself. For example, he might start out in response to a question. Before long, however, he adds extraneous matter.. instanced by the “scampi” issue that Bob Jones and only Bob Jones had uttered out loud in the earlier Plunket broadcast on RNZ.

    For a most pithy and apt definition of the PP allow me recommend you to the Santa Monica Police Dept to whom the prosecution of original PP practitioner, Joe Hunt, fell.


  2. 30/08/2008 10:42

    Mr Key is also doing a great job of using the media to his advantage on this issue. Neither Helen Clark or Winston Peters seem to be talking to the media much, while John Key is interviewed on nearly every Close Up or Campbell Live slot on it. Good on him.


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