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Daily Show sends up the Obama cult in video


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From The Daily Show an hilarious mock bio video of Barack Obama – (Hat Tip:- Political Punch – Jake Tapper)

Very, very funny – Adam suspects that part of what makes this all so funny is the reverential way so many in the US media treat Obama.

UPDATE #1:- Video appears to have been taken down. If anyone knows of another source let Adam know

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/09/2008 18:29


    One if you had read this blog you would know I was in New Zealand not USA.

    Further, Jon Stewart satirises both left and right.

    Obama may be a good man he might even be a good president, that does not mean we have to accept everything he says as gospel.

    McCain is not evil, but he has different views

    That is called democracy


  2. Frederika permalink
    06/09/2008 17:51

    As a European I have this to say to you:
    If you really wish to be known as a selfish, stingy, indifferent nation, vote for sen McCain and against healthcare insurance for all.
    If you really wish to be known as a bullying imperialist nation, and if it’s ok with you when your flag is burnt at different corners of the world, vote for sen McCain and his obsession with the military.
    If you really wish to remain dependent on foreign oil, and if you don’t care being the net air polluter of the world, vot for sen McCain.


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