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Labour Party issues it’s list


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Labour have announced their list. Adam hopes that the candidates are more adept than the person who prepared the release on the Scoop website.

There are a couple of errors in the release:-

Jacinda Ardern currently campaigning from London where she is employed as Senior Policy Advisory to the Home Secretary, Sir Ronnie Flanagan.

Jacinda is President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. IUSY is the largest political youth organisation in the world and holds consultative status with the United Nations. She’s the first NZer and only the second women to lead the organisation in its 100-year history.

The errors are:-

Home Secretary is actually Jacqui Smith M.P., Sir Ronnie Flanagan is currently the Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Adams assumes Senior Policy Advisory was meant to be Advisor, but you never know these days.

A further error is that Ms Ardern is the second ‘woman’ not the second ‘women’. But then what is sloppy writing these days, when a major political mess is passed off by some as an ‘unfortunate communications breakdown’.

Whilst there are some interesting new candidates on the list, the composition is still very much of the union official, policy wonk, social worker background. There is no one who stands out as having major experience in business.

There appears to be a fair degree of optimism over who will get in. Interesting to note the positioning of one or two sitting MPs.

Mike Williams commented:-

Eight talented New Zealanders will strengthen Labour’s team of MPs in a few months time according to Labour President Mike Williams

Beware triumphalism and arrogance Mike. Voters do not like being taken for granted.

David Farrar has a more comprehensive post looking at who on the list might enter the Hosue.

  1. 31/08/2008 18:38

    The list also has only 8 South Islanders likely to be MPs – mind you the mainland mind be better off without more of them 🙂


  2. 31/08/2008 16:45

    The home secretary was a howler of a mistake.
    It was made on the original Liarbour media release.
    How dumb they are!



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