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A profile of Vladimir Putin


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Given recent moves by Russia, and comments by Mr Putin, Adam found this profile from 2005 at The Atlantic, of Putin as President, quite interesting.

The article’s comments included this one, which Adam found very interesting:-

Russia’s traditional resentment of the West is more intense and complicated, because it is mixed with envy of higher living standards. As the Russians see things, they turned back Napoleon and turned back Hitler, too, after absorbing his most savage blows—and now they are battling it out on the front lines of the war against Islamic barbarism. And yet the West, Russians observe, persists in instructing them on how to behave. Russia’s long-standing sense of unappreciated sacrifice puts a chip on its shoulder but is also, in an odd fashion, a source of patriotic pride. Fate, the Russians tend to think, has dealt them history’s heavy work. “Oh, don’t speak to me of Austria,” the salon hostess Anna Pavlovna says at the outset of War and Peace, with Napoleon on the march through Italy. “Russia alone must save Europe.”

He wonders what US Secretary of State, Condilezza Rice – a Russina expert, makes of the current situation and of Putin.

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