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‘Five minutes’ claim just posturing and theatrics


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Adam is not surprised at the comments from the SFO today, quoted in an item on Stuff. As one who in a former life, so to speak, was involved in a lot of investigative work not dissimilar to what is involved here, claims by Winston Peters and his lawyer that only five minutes would be needed always smacked of posturing. Adam did not believe that either Peters or Williams could for one moment consider five minutes would be enough time. In particular Adam did not consider that Williams, an experienced lawyer with a focus on defending criminals, would expect the SFO just to blindly accept what was put in front of them. Even if Peters possessed the hubris to consider that possible.

Comments by Peter Williams, Winston Peters and others are meant to keep the Winston cultists on board, destabilize the investigators and generally throw mud at the accusers and the National Party. In other words it is theatrics.

UPDATE #1: Adam made some additional comments on a post at No Minister which took a somewhat similar line on Mr Williams comments.

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