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Responsibility for making returns


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Helen Clark is quoted in an item at Stuff, in respect of the NZ First incorrect 2005 donations return:-

Mr Peters had previously assured her NZ First had done nothing illegal.

Miss Clark said those assurances had been given to the best of Mr Peters’ knowledge at the time. He could not be held accountable for mistakes at party administration level.

Now being a fair man Adam did not think that unreasonable, until he remembered some press comment in early May over the late filing of New Zealand First’s initial return under the EFA. The extract below is from a NZ Herald story on 2 May this year:-

New Zealand First will remain in breach of rules requiring it to reveal donations to the party of more than $10,000 until leader Winston Peters returns from overseas to sign off the paperwork.

Later in the same piece we read:-

“The right honourable Winston Peters will be back in the country on the 16th and he will be tying up the final loose ends, but everything else has been done … and has all been approved by the board.”

From the article it might be inferred that Mr Peters took a close and personal interest in the returns filed. This could be construed as being at variance with the the assumptions which Ms Clark appears to have made with respect to party paperwork in the earlier quote.

Perhaps circumstances were different in 2005? Perhaps the May article gave the wrong impression, though Adam had thought the need for Mr Peters involvement was what caused late filing of the return.

UPDATE #1: Homepaddock considers the issue also, with particular reference to party organisation and the requirements for running a political party

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    03/09/2008 22:52

    You cannot.


  2. 03/09/2008 21:44

    Whether he was involved or not, how do you trust a party which can’t run its finances to run, or help run, the country?


  3. showmethetaxcut permalink
    03/09/2008 13:36

    HC is hoping she can bluff her way through this and that most people will have short memories.

    It is a sure sign of desperation really.

    Suggesting that WP is divorced from the administration of NZF is ridiculous and HC knows it.


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