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Politicians embrace the internet, sort of.


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Gordon Brown embraces the internet age. This is reported by The Times Mousetrap technology blog. All very modern and up to date. No doubt put together by staff.

Interestingly :-

In perhaps the most web-savvy move of all, users of the ultra-hip micro-blogging site Twitter – which many in the UK still have not heard of – can even subscribe to a Number 10 feed and receive regular ‘Tweets’. (A short news update no longer than a text message, for those who don’t know.)

Adam is still of the opinion that as yet NZ politicians are still not making use of the Internet in the way that American and British politicians are.

The Obama campaign has built a huge mailing list of potential voters, supporters and financial contributors which that can contact by email and text. Not only does this improve the immediacy of contact and improve contribution rates it is cost effective as well. Given the rules governing party finances here, Adam continues to be surprised at how under exploited the net appears to be. Especially given the high degree of access new Zealanders have to the web.

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