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Hooton joins pseudonymous blogger welcomes him


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Matthew Hooton seems to have joined the blogosphere, over at Policy Net. He is the Yin to Chris Trotter’s Yang or should it be the other way around. Maybe the salt to the pepper, never mind who cares. Shame they do not appear to have got the blog addresses and RSS feeds sorted out as both blogs seem at present to have the same address. No doubt their blog producer is working on this.

Hooton’s first post is an interesting one on Peter Williams and his position as guess who’s lawyer.

Adam extends a warm welcome to Matthew Hooton.

Adam has one wish though and that is that the two commentators should differentiate what they produce on the blogs from what they serve up on the alternate weeks at the Sunday Star Times, that would be no fun at all.

Adam has instituted a policy of not making any further comments on blog post threads at the Trotter/Hooton site.

Any comments he has will be made at this blog and linked.

Adam’s reasoning is that the site has a policy re blogs where the blog owner uses a pseudonym which Adam does not agree with.

There appears to be a view taken that those who use a ‘pen name’ and Adam’s is obviously such are automatically frothing paranoids of an extreme ilk. Adam takes exception to that view. His reasons for using a pseudonym are legitimate. He does not lurk on other blogs making inappropriate or malign comments. However, he respects the views of Mr Spondre et al over at Policy Net, but consequently he will not comment on threads over there.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    04/09/2008 18:20

    Thank you

    My feeling is that some people do not fully understand where business and politics intersect.



  2. 04/09/2008 18:04

    But you’re one of the smart ones Adam – using a proper name as a pseudonym – rather like Clinton “Steve Pierson” Smith at The Standard (note – comparison is in terms of names only!!).

    I guess the difference between you and I is that you are the front-person for your business, whereas I am happy to work in the background. Mrs I, by virtue of her qualification is, by necessity and by law, the name on all our regulatory documents. Even if he or his staff had ever read my blog, there would be no way that they would have an inkling that the blogger’s wife was in their presence when Mrs I has one of her periodic meetings with the Minister as part of a sector group she is a member of. Like you, my personal and political views are mine and mine alone, and I try to keep them apart from my business dealings.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    04/09/2008 17:33


    As I think you are aware from an earlier post, as a consultant my business is one which involves interaction with the public service and business.

    In that environment I operate a strict focus on objectivity, as a former auditor that is how I was trained. It is something I take immense personal pride in. Indeed, in a former life I once developed and implemented regulations in another country which materially impacted my ability to earn a living in said country. I did that because I was in a representative position which required that I did so. Anything else would have been ethically wrong.

    My political beliefs are my own. I am not what has been described by others, a virtual fascist.

    There is a reality that I cannot ignore though and it was demonstrated in the Madeleine Setchell affair, if you have a view different to that of the Wellington elites you do not get employed.

    My desire is to run a successful business under governments of whatever political complexion, therefore it is important that my personal beliefs do not colour potential client’s perceptions.

    One of my core beliefs as an auditor and consultant is that you form an opinion based on facts. I take immense pride in my track record over 40 years of implementing my beliefs.

    I suspect that going forward consultants and others may well be appointed on a perception of their views. That is a development which I abhor.

    The fact that I have a relatively well known blog could inhibit my business, unless I use a pseudonym.

    Therefore, I have no intention of changing my basis of blogging.


  4. 04/09/2008 16:44

    I concur Adam. Blogging is a personal pursuit for me, and makes no material difference to the business that Mrs Inventory and I own and operate (apart from too much time spent blogging, and not enough time spent working!!). However if I was to blog under my own name, I would be easily identifiable – the first few Google search items like to our website, Given that our business receives funding from a government department (which I have never, nor will never criticise on my blog), there could be negative consequences for the business and the 20 staff that Mrs I and I employ. I cannot and will not allow that to happen.


  5. Tanya permalink
    04/09/2008 16:34

    Yes, go Matthew! Great blog, can’t wait to check it out…



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