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Chrome, IE8 and Firefox


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A Wall Street Journal review of Google’s new browser – Chrome – with some commentary on IE8 as well.

Google has introduced a new Web browser, called Chrome, aimed at wresting dominance of the browser market from Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer. The move takes the Google-Microsoft rivalry to a whole new level. If Google succeeds, it will be a big deal, with major ramifications for the future of the Web.

But just how good is Chrome? How does it differ from IE and from less popular, but still important, browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple‘s Safari?

I’ve been testing Chrome for about a week, trying out all its features and using it side by side with Microsoft’s latest iteration of IE, which came out just last week

Walt Mossberg the author concludes:-

With the emergence of Chrome, consumers have a new and innovative browser choice, and with IE8, the new browser war is sure to be a worthy contest.

Note you can find, according to this at the bottom of his article,

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