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National’s appalling billboards


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There have been a number of posts concerning the National billboards on various blogs. Adam posted on the first one. After all he is a right leaning blogger. Over at The Standard and elsewhere there have been some amusing permutations.

Then National go and put out this one:-

which is derided in no uncertain terms by The DimPost and rightly so. Quite clearly whoever is responsible should be sent forthwith to a remedial English class. The word used should be “Fewer” not “Less”. In addition, they could do with some lessons in design. These billboards are conceptually poor and the colour scheme is weak. They send no message of strength and purpose.

Though perhaps this one does demonstrate the need for improved education.

The billboards are clumsy. They make National appear to be amateurs. Adam trusts they are not paying someone for this rubbish.

In fact the billboards, the “lost” policy documents on Environment and Conservation, the tapes, the tolls stupidity, etc, forming an ever increasing series of gaffes begin to make Adam think that National have a secret desire to lose the election.

After all they seem to be having a good try at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Others seem to find the Greens posters good. Adam liked this one, but found the other two far too saccharine for his taste. Message was clear and to the point.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    08/09/2008 22:36

    I know ad speak is not perfect English, but somewhere else I read today that the billboard ideas guy wanted to use ‘less bureaucracy’ but was over ruled.

    Incidentally, it occurs to me that reduced bureaucrat numbers does not mean less bureaucracy – you actually have to review and improve rules & regulations, else things get worse not better


  2. The Boss permalink
    08/09/2008 21:18

    I have read this and there is nothing wrong with the english. It is ad speck after all. People don’t say fewer. Fewer is weak. Less is stronger and plays of more.

    You people have to understand that advertising is not always perfect english.

    It needs to run off the tongue and have any idea. i.e. more and less work together. Imagine more with fewer. It sounds like a geck wrote it.

    If you ask me the billboards are fine. They are clean fresh and feel positive and new. I don’t vote but good on national for doing something fresh.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/09/2008 10:03

    I would suggest less bureaucracy and thus fewer bureaucrats.

    In any event the billboards are vapid and do not deliver a simple powerful message.


  4. 06/09/2008 08:49

    “It is of no consequence whether he decides to go quickly or to quickly go or quickly to go. The important thing is that he should go at once.”

    If you say more of something and less of something you are making a political statement that’s clearly understood.

    If you say “more” and then follow that with “fewer”.. then you are a smartarse.

    The average punter wants more doctors and less bureaucrats.



  5. showmethetaxcut permalink
    05/09/2008 22:04


    You are experiencing the same feeling National gives all its supporters.

    One week they make us feel happy and good and the next ………

    It is exasperating that they cannot sort their act out and stay on message without leaks, gaffes, inappropriare comments etc.

    Are these all symptoms of a party which has become complacent ?



  6. 05/09/2008 22:01

    It pains me to say it but if I was voting for a billboard it would be the Greens’ one rather than National’s – thankfully National has better policy which after all is what matters.


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