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Pot calls kettle….


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As many regular readers of my blog are aware, Adam is a devotee of the Dominion Post letters to the Editor.

This example is a real gem.

Contributor is not credible

Catherine Beard of the Greenhouse Policy Coalition (Features, Sept 3) is not a credible commentator on the consumer costs of an emissions trading scheme (ETS). The coalition represents some of New Zealand’s most greenhouse-gas polluting industries and has campaigned heavily against every attempt to make polluters pay for their emissions.
New Zealand faces a bill in the billions for continuing to increase emissions since signing the Kyoto protocol. Polluters or taxpayers must pay this bill. An ETS is designed to shift the cost so that average New Zealanders pay less. But the more that groups like the coalition campaign for delays and amendments to protect big business, the more those costs fall back on to the general populace.
Ms Beard’s expressed concern for consumers is laughable. She’s not in the business of caring about the costs ordinary New Zealanders face.
She’s in the business of protecting the pockets of heavy polluters, and ensuring that they can continue to pollute our shared environment without constraint. I doubt New Zealanders will be fooled.
Greenpeace NZ

Readers should question why Adam takes this view.

It is not because he disagrees with Ms Bailey, though he does.

Adam’s reason is that this is the same Ms Bailey who wrote to the Dominion Post on at least one previous occasion demanding that anyone who wrote a letter suggesting anything other than acceptance of the climate change cult should not have such letter published.

Ms Bailey appears to have no tolerance of free speech.

Further Ms Bailey seems to have no understanding of what the ETS actually does.

Adam is not surprised.

  1. 13/09/2008 10:15

    Neither does she understand that ‘all these polluting industries’, along with the other bogey-man ‘big business’, allow her and her ilk the opportunity to lead a comfortable life, pay for her support when she is ill or unable to earn a living and will pay for her care in her old age – cause she sure aint going to do it herself.


  2. 12/09/2008 23:25

    She also doesn’t appear to understand that if the costs for businesses go up so does the price of what they produce and that in turn pushes up the cost of living for consumers.


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