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When will he ever learn?


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There is clearly a difference between the world that Adam lives in and that occupied by Winston Peters.

Yesterday, Friday the NZ Herald, The Dominion Post and The Press all carried editorials condemnatory of Mr Peters. Other media stories and many other news outlets were all united in suggesting that Mr Peters had failed to make his case before the Privileges Committee.

The Prime Minister, one of his few defenders, is quoted in a Stuff item, as suggesting his attitude to the media makes it hard to defend him.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday Mr Peters belligerent attitude and his relationship with the media were part of the cause of his problems, but today he showed little sign of a change in tactics.

A wise man might listen to these comments. Does he wish to be sacked? Is he looking, yet again to play the martyr?

What does Mr Peters do, he goes and speaks to a Grey Power meeting, where he is quoted as saying:-

Mr Peters told Grey Power his side of the story had yet to be told.

“We have made some mistakes – trivial human mistakes that can be rectified. We are confident about this,” Mr Peters said.

“Our mistakes happened after a change of three key office holders and in one case a serious communications gap. Fair minded New Zealanders know that I have never enriched myself on any battle fought on their behalf.”

Hang on Winston, you have been before the Privileges Committe twice with every opportunity to give your side of the story. You have not furnished any evidence.

You have not been denied your opportunity to tell your story, in fact you have had many opportunities, yet every time you duck, weave and generally obfuscate and change the story and the facts.

Trivial mistakes,get real, you and your party appear to have made major errors in your filings of statutory returns 3 years in a row.

Mr Peters yet again attacked the media:-

The media were responsible for his problems, he said.

“They are like a school of piranhas circling society, seeking to slash, tear, maim and destroy anything that shows any signs of weakness, non-conformity or heaven forbid – criticises the media,” Mr Peters told a Grey Power meeting in Auckland.

“Editors of our major newspapers, television stations and radio stations have all decided getting rid of Peters is the most important political story in the country.”

Adam thinks that Mr Peters has decided to go down this path in an attempt to garner voter sympathy. The alternative is to consider that Mr Peters has totally lost it.

Mr Peters does not appear to understand that he is the author of his own misfortune.

Should Adam seek to find a source of assistance for Mr Peters? Alternatively, should Adam seek help for those members of Grey Power who are in danger of being asked to give their vote to a party whose leader is under investigation for various alleged infringements of the electoral laws? Should Grey Power be concerned that Mr Peters who has been exposed as a hypocrite and liar is asking for their vote?

  1. 14/09/2008 15:18

    these mythical pictures have forced many right wing bloggers to endure an almost permanent state of tumescence in anticipation of late……….


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    13/09/2008 14:59

    In a former life the phrase we used when an incompetent was defended by a senior member of the hierarchy was ‘He/She must have pictures’

    Imagine your own pictures please, the imagery in this case is just too horrible to contemplate for this blogger


  3. 13/09/2008 14:38

    Of course he does, no other hypothesis stacks up.
    I am in no doubt that labour greased the rail for peters to shoulder tap Glenn. But that alone would not justify her continually stepping in front of a bullet for him.
    The actual information he has must be so potentially damaging to her personally that she will never turn on him.


  4. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    13/09/2008 14:25

    As Bill English said in a speech to the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce recently, words to the effect that National did not subscribe to Labour’s approach of “What Winston wants Winston Gets”

    It is my view that Winston has something on Labour, indeed John Armstrong seems to hint at that in his Saturday morning piece in the Herald today.


  5. 13/09/2008 14:14

    Macdoc has summed it up nicely.
    In a similar way most people were repulsed by Turia using the word holocaust Peters is just communicating with his target audience. Nobody else matters. He simply needs to rally his bladder enfeebled troops and he will be back for another go. And if the Helen and Winston show gets picked up again I guarantee you his legal problems will be disappeared.


  6. 13/09/2008 13:53

    Actually, Winston is not interested in telling his side of the story – because he doesn’t have one. What he does have is considerable charisma, which he will now use as much as possible over the next eight weeks to persuade enough people that he is persecuted rather than a perjurer.

    Currently, there are 2.7 million registered voters. Assuming a 70% turnout, he only needs about 94,000 people to vote for him. That’s less than 15% of the total population over the age of 60 (his most likely demographic) and they usually have a very high turnout.

    It is frighteningly doable.


  7. showmethetaxcut permalink
    13/09/2008 09:10

    Yes, I think the MSM needs to confront Peters with the fact that he has had ample opportunity to put his side of the story.

    All promises, no follow through.



  8. 13/09/2008 08:53

    Before you can help people they have to accept the need for it, he doesn’t.

    It may not be too late to rescue some of his supporters though.


  9. 13/09/2008 07:51




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