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Climate change- chicanery


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Christopher Booker, a climate change sceptic, has a suitably scathing article in The Telegraph under the title – Climate Change Chicanery.

Recent events have seen the scare campaign over global warming descend to the level of a Monty Python sketch.

He writes:-

Much publicity was given, for instance, to Lewis Gordon Pugh, who set out to paddle a kayak to the Pole to demonstrate the vanishing of the Arctic ice. At 80.5 degrees north, still 600 miles short of his goal, he met with ice so thick that he and his fossil-fuelled support ship had to turn back.

Ah but:-

It took the admirable Watts Up With That blog, run by the American meteorologist Anthony Watts, to point out that in 1893 the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen found the Arctic so ice-free that he was able to kayak above 82 degrees north, 100 miles nearer the Pole than our hapless campaigner against “unprecedented global warming”.

Booker debunks a new graph by Michael Mann, of discredited IPCC ‘hockey stick’ infamy and details how climate change activists managed to persuade a English Court that criminal damage in the name climate change was ok.

If you have an open mind and have not been captured by the zealots read the article.

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  1. Serum permalink
    15/09/2008 13:21

    By virtue of a British jury’s decision to ligitimise breaking the law by Greenpeace activists in a protest against anthropogenic global warming (scientifically as yet unproven) and causing more than £35,000 damage to a coal-fired power station is a triumph for the Green movements propaganda machine using the same techniques of indoctrination and brainwashing as that used in the second world war by the Axis Powers.


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