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Labour relentlessly negative


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John Armstrong writes on Labour’s attempt to brand John Key and National as ‘killers’ of Kiwi defence personnel. This accusation Ms Clark is based on assuming National would have committed troops to the Iraq War.

This accusation proves just how low Labour are prepared to go. Adam calls this ‘dirty’ others call it ‘negative’.

Helen Clark is asserting that 60 New Zealand military personnel would have returned home in body bags had John Key been in a position to commit troops to the American-led invasion in 2003 and subsequent occupation force in Iraq.

Her remarks – made at a Grey Power meeting in Lower Hutt – are part of Labour’s strategy to define the election in terms of whether Key and National can be trusted.

They followed Michael Cullen exploiting the forced fire sale of investment bank Merrill Lynch, for whom Key once worked, as reason not to trust management of the economy to short-term money “gamblers”.

Armstrong described it as ‘extremely negative’.

National described Clark’s attack as “hysterical and desperate” and suggested the Prime Minister should concentrate on issues that really matter.

David Farrar has an interesting analysis of the statistics which suggests the Prime Minister’s maths is way off beam.

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  1. 18/09/2008 09:22

    I’m with Adam in calling it dirty and the more desperate they become the dirtier they’ll get – even though those who throw mud get spattered too.


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