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Comfortable flight to Singapore


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After a reasonable night’s sleep an opportunity to take stock of the journey where so often Adam gets tired, irritated and is uncomfortable..

Adam left Wellington on a chilly Friday morning, allowing plenty of time to make the connection with the Singapore flight in Auckland. He finds that far too often travel agents do not allow sufficient time, so you land up hurrying between the terminals. The flight to Singapore was full, he had been told, so had relatively low expectations and expected to arrive tired and irritable.

Checked in early for SQ286, as last time, a full flight. Yet Air NZ have stopped flying to Singapore.
So they handed the market to Singapore Airlines.

Found that the seat was requested had been allocated, so had an aisle seat way down the back, no small children to worry about.Flight was comfortable, the seat was acceptable given Adam’s significant height and accommodated his not inconsiderable bulk well, without impacting the passenger next to me.

The in-flight entertainment system was excellent and had Adam wanted to he could have plugged in a USB thumb drive and word-processed, spreadsheeted or developed a presentation all the way to Singapore without need for a laptop, instead Adam read a book, played a trivia quiz and watched some movies. These included the new Indiana Jones one, plus an episode of Dr Who in which The Master returns.

The service was good and the food OK for airline food.

Arrived at the excellent Changi Airport, where the passage ways are spacious and rapidly got through immigration and Customs and then a taxi into the city to the hotel. The ride was quick and Adam was downtown and in his hotel room by 8:00pm Singapore time, about 75 minutes after landing – which was fine as he had taken 15 minutes out to make a phone call and buy something in the duty free. Wish that Auckland Airport was as well laid out and transport so efficient.

So far, so good. The whole journey was much better than expected, especially as the flight was full.

Had not been looking forward to 10 plus hours in the back of the bus on a full flight, but was pleasantly surprised and was not exhausted nor irritable on arrival, a distinct plus.

Singapore Airlines, definitely a thumbs up.

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